Nov 19, 2023 4 min read

Definitely a definitive decision: The Steam Deck OLED is definitively the best one!

Valve thinks the Steam Deck OLED is the definitive model. But do I agree?

Steam Deck OLED

Valve thinks the Steam Deck OLED is the definitive model. But do I agree?

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Review: Have a Nice Death
Have a Nice Death is an excellent roguelike indie game with a charming cast and an alluring story.

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Valve thinks the Steam Deck OLED is the definitive model

Valve says new OLED Steam Deck is the “definitive first-generation” model
“If we could have shipped this originally, we would have” says Valve’s Lawrence Yang.

The Steam Deck OLED is now officially on sale, and I have – obviously – bought one. However, the buying experience went anything but smoothly, as it took me over 90 minutes to finally buy a 512 GB Steam Deck OLED. I had all kinds of error messages, from timeouts to the Steam Deck being marked as sold out to my account being temporarily blocked because I tried to purchase too many products. It was a nightmare, and I would have expected that a company that primarily runs a store would have figured this out.

Alas, I hope the Steam Deck OLED will be worth it (hasn't shipped yet), but going by Valve, this OLED version is "the definitive model". In an interview with Axios, Valve designer Lawrence Yang said "We actually see this as the definitive first-generation Steam Deck. If we could have shipped this originally, we would have." I don't doubt that. Valve is a newer player in the hardware space, after all (yes, I know about the Index), so they might have lacked the experience or the resources to release an OLED Steam Deck from the get-go.

But I have to admit that the statement feels a bit unlucky to me. If the OLED version is the definitive first-generation Steam Deck, what is the LCD version? A beta? An experiment?

I believe the LCD Steam Deck is still perfectly fine for those who own one, but going forward, it isn't a model I can recommend to new buyers. So yeah, maybe the new OLED model is indeed the definitive Steam Deck, but if I hadn't bought one myself, my buyer's remorse would kill me because of that statement.

But on a related note: I plan to set up my Steam Deck from scratch following our starter guide. So if I come around any passages that need changing, I will definitely update the post to create the definitively definite starter guide.

In other news

Et voilà!

That's all for this week, see you soon!


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