overkill digest is a free Steam Deck newsletter featuring original content, links to great gaming reads from across the internet, and more.

overkill digest is a free Steam Deck newsletter featuring original content, links to great gaming reads from across the internet, and more.

We have a free newsletter called overkill digest.

It goes out every Sunday and features a mix of content from, links to exciting gaming reads we found across the internet, and more.

You can sign up with the button below:

While working on the newsletter concept, our goal was to find a perfect balance between original content and a recap of what had been published on overkill that week.

We don’t want people to feel like they miss out if they don’t like newsletters, but we also don’t want people to think all they get is old news they’ve seen on the website before. Walking this line is not always easy, but I think we came up with a product that gets there most of the time.

We hope you enjoy it!

Previously sent issues

We are back, and so is AYANEO
Hello, traveller! Welcome to Season 2 of the overkill digest newsletter. We’re back and better than ever! (At least, I hope so.) Since it’s been a month since I last sent out an edition of this email, you may have forgotten what this is. So, allow me to remind you
overkill digest Edition #9
❄️ We’re in December already?
Hello, hi, welcome! Did you know there are only 27 days left in the year, and we will probably spend most of these days recovering from a food coma? Thankfully, thanks to our current favourite handheld device, we have no reasons to get up from the couch and can still
overkill digest Edition #8
👮 Nintendo sues and Microsoft might get sued
Hello, hello, hello. What a week. I bet this is just one among two thousand emails you received this weekend, all trying to get you to spend your money on a Black Friday sale. I know, I got a lot. But to make sense of this madness last week we
overkill digest Edition #7
It’s Black Friday, Black FridayGotta get down on Black Friday
First of all, sorry for putting that song into your head. But Black Friday season has officially started, and the internet is trying to shower us with deals left and right. To make things a bit more manageable, we decided to create a round-up of all the best deals we
overkill digest Edition #6
🎧 We are in your ears, and Ben Stiller is Kratos
Hello, welcome to a new issue of your favourite Steam Deck-flavoured newsletter. We’re back with new topics and another announcement: We are launching a podcast. Starting next week, you can watch the show every Tuesday on YouTube or listen to us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever else you
overkill digest Edition #5
Welcome to the spooky season. Also, we have surprises
Good morning and welcome to another edition of overkill digest, your weekly newsletter on all things gaming and Steam Deck. Let’s start with one big announcement: We’re currently giving away multiple JSAUX Steam Deck products on the website. There are five items to win: two different docks, one
overkill digest Edition #4
You get a cloud streaming handheld, and you get a cloud streaming handheld ☁️
Hello there! It’s our two-month anniversary. 🥳 We wanted to thank all of you for reading our little publication. These past two months have been a tremendous journey, from a simple idea to a website that has been growing ever since. Here’s our Editor-in-Chief (that is me, I am writing this
overkill digest Edition #3
The Deck Dock has landed
Hello, hallo, hola, bonjour, biongiorno, おはよう! It’s time for a new edition of overkill digest. In case you forgot what this is about or you’re a new subscriber (welcome, much appreciated!), here’s our description: Every Sunday, we’ll send out a free, weekly newsletter called overkill digest. It wi…
overkill digest Edition #2
The end of Stadia, the start of overkill digest
Hello, and welcome to the first edition of overkill digest. I am Kevin (aka @cliophate everywhere on the internet), and I am the founder and editor-in-chief of overkill. I will be writing this newsletter every Sunday. If you forgot what overkill digest is about, here is what we wrote in
overkill digest Edition #1
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