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About overkill

overkill.wtf is a Gaming blog written with love, sweat and (a lot of) espresso by Kevin Wammer (that's me) with the help of Chris Brandrick, editor of Switch Weekly.

overkill primarily focuses on the Steam Deck, with a hint of PC gaming in general and whatever else we find interesting at that moment. But mostly Steam Deck.

We firmly believe the Steam Deck will be the future of gaming. Or at least that type of platform: a small handheld PC capable of playing most games at a decent quality paired with off-site streaming solutions a la Game Pass Cloud or GeForce Now.

Some interesting contenders, be it the Ayaneo Air or the Ayn Odin, are on the market, and the tech keeps moving forward. Also, we can't shake off the feeling that we might see an Xbox Portable soon.

Here you can expect guides, reviews, news, and essays on Gaming and the Steam Deck.

You can follow the blog via Twitter and RSS.

Some of our content may contain affiliate links; therefore we, might receive a commission for purchases made via those links.
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