May 19, 2024 4 min read

#50: This Game Boy lookalike is all I want

A Game Boy lookalike, a PS Vita lookalike, why a keyboard is essential for Windows, and more.

#50: This Game Boy lookalike is all I want

A Game Boy lookalike, a PS Vita lookalike, why a keyboard is essential for Windows, and more.

Hello, and welcome to overkill digest number 50!!!

It's a bit surreal that I've been doing this for so long. Thanks to everyone who has read this newsletter for the last 50 emails. I plan to write many more, and I hope I can always add a little something you find interesting.

But let's get to this week's news: it's been wild. I don't think we've written so much in a single week in a while. So, let's get to it.

Big this week

It's been the AYANEO week here on overkill. (Not sponsored, though. FYI: Nobody currently sponsors overkill, which is why this is still only a hobby for Chris and me.)

First, I reviewed the Flip KB —AYANEO's first clamshell device. This is the first YouTube video (I appreciate every like) I’ve done in a while, but there's also a written review.

Essentially, I'm pretty surprised how much improved the "Windows on a handheld" experience is when you add an always-available hardware keyboard. Navigating the OS becomes much better when you can fall back on arrow keys, an enter button, and a little nub emulating a mouse.

Next, AYANEO announced not one, not two, not three, but five new devices (technically six, but we didn't care much about an external battery).

AYANEO Pocket Micro range

First, there's the AYANEO Pocket Micro, which is clearly inspired by the Game Boy Micro. However, its 3.5" screen has four times the resolution of the original Game Boy Advance at 960x640 pixels and is housed in an all-aluminium frame.

Next, my personal highlight, the Pocket DMG. This Game Boy look-alike is gorgeous, and comes with a 1240 by 1080-pixel OLED screen, a Snapdragon G3x Gen 2, and a left joystick + touchpad surface (the little box around the joystick). I love what this looks like, and I can't wait to try it out.

The Chinese manufacturer's third product announced is an external GPU + dock combo. The AG01 (not to be mistaken with a green powder company) features an AMD Radeon RX 7600M XT eGPU, adds several ports to whatever you connect to the device, and even includes an internal SSD slot.

Finally, AYANEO also plans to update two of their already-released devices. Their mini-PC will get a new screen and either an AMD 8845HS or an AMD 8945HS. Their mini handheld, the AYANEO Air 1s, will receive an updated to the AMD 8840U.

Overall, these are great announcements. However, we do not know what these devices will cost nor when they will be released. But knowing AYANEO, it won't be cheap!

But I really want that Pocket DMG...

In other news

Phew! That was a lot. Next week, I'll be travelling, but I plan to send a newsletter, though it might be a bit lighter than usual.

But that vacation will allow me to film my next YouTube video, "What's in my Travel Bag." So, if you're wondering which handheld I'll bring with me, get subscribed!

I need a new head shot!


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