May 18, 2024 2 min read

This new handheld has major Game Boy Micro vibes

AYANEO's upcoming Pocket Micro handheld is a clear homage to Nintendo's 2005 pocket-friendly portable.

AYANEO Pocket Micro

AYANEO's upcoming Pocket Micro handheld is a clear homage to Nintendo's 2005 pocket-friendly portable.

Ever-busy device maker AYANEO has just revealed an all new handheld — and it's a charming, and rather minimalist homage to Nintendo's mid 2000s pocket-friendly Game Boy Micro.

This upcoming device, which is dubbed the AYANEO Pocket MICRO, was announced as part of the company's recent 'REMAKE' sharing session. AYANEO detailed a slew of new devices during this presentation, including a new take on the classic Game Boy, along with a new retro-themed mini PC, and much more.

This upcoming micro machine rocks a horizontal design — just like the one that Nintendo's dinky device (from back in 2005) sported. It also features the typical D-Pad, and face buttons, along with two analog sticks.

Now, it's clear that this new AYANEO handheld is bigger than the old portable which inspired it — but that aside, the Pocket Micro still has plenty to shout about.

AYANEO shared that this future portable has a resolution which is four times that of the one found in the Game Boy Advance — and AYANEO were keen to stress that this device should appeal to retro gaming enthusiasts thanks to its emulation capabilities, and video scaling that can: "deliver finely detailed game graphics without stretching the screen".

AYANEO Pocket Micro range

The company also detailed that this new device, which appears to be available in a few various finishes (see above), will feature a borderless full-screen display along with a covered glass front, all of which will be housed in an aluminium alloy frame:

AYANEO incorporates the same CNC aluminum alloy mid-frame from the flagship Pocket S into the Pocket MICRO, achieving a premium feel that surpasses other handhelds in its class. The rounded and soft border lines provide a more comfortable grip.

Built upon high-grade craftsmanship, Pocket MICRO still adheres to AYANEO's signature minimalist design language, with no redundant elements on the body, maintaining a sleek and elegant appearance.

Pocket MICRO is the ultimate choice for retro handheld gaming in a compact form factor, allowing you to pull it out of your pocket and play anytime, anywhere, without any extra burden of travel, experiencing the joy of retro gaming on the go.

The AYANEO Pocket Micro is expected to arrive later this year. Launch details, including price points, are due to be "announced at a later date".

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