Feb 26, 2024 5 min read

Best Games Under $10 in the 'Steam Dinos vs Robots Fest' Sale

Let's look over some of the very best Steam Deck friendly bargains that you can grab in the new 'Steam Dinos vs Robots Fest' sale. All under ten dollars.

Best Games Under $10 in the 'Steam Dinos vs Robots Fest' Sale

Let's look over some of the very best Steam Deck friendly bargains that you can grab in the new 'Steam Dinos vs Robots Fest' sale. All under ten dollars.

Another Steam sale has just gone live, and as ever we've gone through all of the titles on offer to find the very best Steam Deck friendly bargains.

This time around the week long sale is the rather odd 'Dinos Vs Robots Fest' — which is a curious theme bringing together discounted titles featuring either robots, dinosaurs, or maybe even robot dinosaurs.

This new 'Steam Dinos Vs Robots Fest' sale runs from today Monday, February 26th for one week until Monday, March 4th.

We've looked over all of the currently discounted games, picking out the best bargains to be had — so, here are our recommendations for the best games under ten bucks in this Dinos Vs Robots sale â€” the games are mostly robot themed, so consider that your winner! Oh, and most of the games listed here should also play nicely on the Steam Deck too, which is nice!

So, with dinosaurs and robots taking over Steam, let's get to the full list....

💸 Steam Dinos Vs Robots Fest Sale Bargains:

LEGO Jurassic World - $3.99 

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

This brick-building adventure features action from four Jurassic Park/World films, including the very first good one. So if you want to play through that creepy kitchen scene for yourself you can. Steam Deck Verified, and a nice 80% off during this sale. Roarsome. (Sorry!)

‣ LEGO Jurassic World for Steam Deck

BZZZT - $7.79 

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

This robotic-themed indie 2D platformer, released last year, has a charming, fresh pixel-art style, and seems to pack a decent old-school challenge. It reviewed rather well, and is Verified for the Deck.

‣ BZZZT on Steam Deck

The Talos Principle - $4.49 

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

Snagging this award-winning sci-fi puzzler for under five bucks is a no brainer. It's a much celebrate philosophical first-person puzzle experience set across ancient ruins filled with advanced technology. You take on the role of a robot with, what appears to be, a human consciousness. There's over 120 puzzles to solve here. The sequel recently came out too if you want more.

‣ The Talos Principle on Steam

Terror of Hemasaurus - $6.49 

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

If you like Rampage you'll want to check this one out. If you've never played Rampage, this arcade smash 'em up is still just a bunch of dumb fun that's well worth checking out. It's a crazy slice of 2D action featuring Kaiju-sized dinos tearing down buildings. Over-the-top, silly, with insane destruction and a tongue in cheek storyline too. Good stuff.

‣ Terror of Hemasaurus on Steam Deck

Machinarium - $1.60 

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

There is a massive 77% discount on this award-winning indie game from 2009. It's a point and click about a world filled with robots — all told via beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds and characters. A really unique 2D adventure.

‣ Machinarium on Steam Deck

Boti: Byteland Overclocked - $9.99 

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Unsupported

If you like classic style 3D platformers then this is a solid, fairly recent option. This game was first released late last year, and sees you take up the role of a data robot exploring the insides of a computer. This one doesn't run too great on Steam Deck so currently has the Unsupported tag.

‣ Boti: Byteland Overclocked on Steam

Gato Roboto - $1.99 

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

A black and white 2D Metroidvania featuring a cat in a big mech suit. Say no more right? 75% off, Verified for the Deck, less then two bucks.

‣ Gato Roboto on Steam Deck

Stuffo The Puzzle Bot - $4.99 

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

This 2D logic puzzle game featuring a smart robot. This is a neat package of bite-sized brain teasers. It's poses a tricky challenge but is approachable and fairly laid back.

‣ Stuffo the Puzzle Bot on Steam Deck

💰 Some other notable discounted games:

If you're still looking for a few more suggestions then here's a quick list of other games that you may want to consider grabbing. Not all of these are under ten bucks, but we figured they are worth sharing all the same:

Alrighty, that's it for our recommendations for this sale! Let us know if you grab anything, either in the comments below, or over on Bluesky.

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