Feb 24, 2024 3 min read

Fans bring iOS classic Infinity Blade back, and it works on Steam Deck

Thanks to a community effort, you can now play the critically acclaimed iOS game Infinity Blade on your Steam Deck.

Infinity Blade on Steam Deck

Thanks to a community effort, you can now play the critically acclaimed iOS game Infinity Blade on your Steam Deck.

Much loved, and lost, iOS classic Infinity Blade can now be played on your Steam Deck (or PC and Mac) thanks to a new fan-made PC port.

The action RPG, developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games (of Fortnite fame), originally debuted roughly 14 years ago back in 2010.

Following its original launch, the fantasy action game quickly garnered plenty of attention — mainly due to it being something of a technical showcase at the time, highlighting just what was now possible on a mobile device. Infinity Blade remains notable, as it was the first iOS game ever to run on the Unreal Engine.

The game reviewed well, and was praised for its technical merit, and this was followed by healthy sales too — it became one of the fastest-grossing apps in the then history of the App Store.

Sadly, the original sword-fighting romp, along with its two sequels, were removed from sale from the App Store in late 2018. Epic Games said at the time that this was due to it becoming "increasingly difficult" for the development team "to support the Infinity Blade series" at a level that met their standards — chiefly, the effort in updating the title for newer iPhone hardware.

As such, the game has been pretty much impossible to officially obtain for over five years now. However, the source code for the first Infinity Blade did reportedly surface online some years ago, and it's that source code that has formed the basis for this new unofficial port.

This new downloadable PC port is the work of an anonymous group — they state that this port is being made available "for the sake of lost media preservation", adding that "credit is given to the rightful authors" and that they "take no credit and gain nothing from doing this". The file is currently available via the Internet Archive — but as with any project like this, its availability may not last.

The port goes beyond just making the original game run on modern hardware too, as it features upgraded textures and graphics, along with various optimisations for PC such as keybinds, audio sliders, and file management. The most notable change being the obvious removal of touch controls (such as swiping your finger to swing your sword), swapping these motions out for controller inputs.

Kevin's Steam Deck running Infinity Blade.
Kevin's Steam Deck running Infinity Blade.

We've tried the game on the Steam Deck, and it works via Proton Experimental. If you want to give it a go and revisit some iOS nostalgia, here's how to get Infinity Blade running on your Steam Deck:

⚔️ How to play Infinity Blade on Steam Deck

  • First, you'll need to head to the Steam Deck's Desktop Mode.
  • Open up a browser and access the following page: https://archive.org/details/infinity-blade-pc
  • Download the listed .zip file (1.0 GB).
  • Extract the .zip file in your Downloads folder.
  • Once unzipped, right click on the .exe file and select Add to Steam.
  • Now you quit desktop mode and return to Gaming Mode.
  • You should now see the game in your Steam library.
  • Before attempting to launch the game, head into the settings for the game (cog menu).
  • From here, select Properties, and then Compatibility.
  • From here you can select a compatibility tool to get things running, like Proton Experimental.
  • Side note: I selected Proton Experimental, and the game started up but crashed when starting a game. Kevin, meanwhile, followed the exact same steps and was able to run the game (see screenshot above) – so your mileage may vary.
  • Head back and launch the game!

That's it! You should now be able to revisit this iOS classic on your portable gaming PC. It's still early days for this PC port however, and it seems the community are still figuring things out and discussing bugs, a possible modding scene, various fixes, control schemes etc in the related project Discordso your milage may vary here. You're probably going to want to tweak controller/input settings too in order to get an experience that works best for you.

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