Dec 22, 2023 12 min read

The Best Games Under $10 in the Steam Winter Sale

Take a look over some of the very best bargains that you can snag in the two week long Steam Winter Sale. They are all under ten bucks, and all Steam Deck friendly.

Cheap games in the Steam Winter Sale

Take a look over some of the very best bargains that you can snag in the two week long Steam Winter Sale. They are all under ten bucks, and all Steam Deck friendly.

Tis the season for discounts apparently — because for the next two weeks the Steam store is offering discounts on literally thousands of games, all as part of the Steam Winter sale.

The Steam Winter Sale kicks off later today
The Steam Winter Sale starts on December 21st and continues into the new year — thousands of big games will be discounted during this festive sale event.

This new winter sales event is live now, and is running from Thursday, December 21st, right through Christmas, ending in the new year on January 4th, 2024.

As ever, there are plenty of great discounts on big releases including the likes of Mortal Kombat 1, Persona 5 Royal and PayDay 3, but today we're going to be looking over the budget friendly games we can grab — we've gone through what's on offer and hunted out the very best games that you can grab for under ten dollars, all worth thawing out your waller for. 

The list below brings together the very best sub-ten dollar bargains that we've found — and all of them are Steam Deck friendly too. So if you're after some new games to play over the holidays, say no more — we've got you covered on some great Steam Deck Steam store bargains.

Let's get to it!

We're adding new game recommendations to this list as we find em!

❄️ Steam Winter Sale Bargains:

Monster Hunter World - $9.89

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Capcom's huge 2018 co-op monster slaying hit is currently less than ten bucks, and it's Steam Deck Verified. The much celebrated open-world RPG sees you take on gigantic monsters across epic landscapes.

Monster Hunter World on Steam Deck

Tinykin — $9.99

If you like Pikmin then you owe it to yourself to play this utterly charming 3D platformer. You explore a few rooms of a house, all at a micro scale. Was one of my favourite games of 2022 — loved it.

Tinykin for Steam Deck

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - $9.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

There's a lot of game here. You can LEGO your way through nine Star Wars movies, and it will probably take you until next Christmas to snag all the collectibles and see everything this massive TT Games adventure has to offer.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on Steam Deck

Dorfromantik - $8.39

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

I've put a ton of hours into this chill village-building puzzler and (despite being a 2022 release) was one of my favourite games this year. If you're after something a bit more laid back that you can revisit again and again for a relaxing time, this is it.

Dorfromantik on Steam Deck

Rollerdrome - $9.89

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

A super stylish, shooter-skater. This BAFTA award-winning third person action game blends fast-paced combat with super slick movement. Shoot and look good doing it. It's worth seeing this one in motion.

Rollerdrome on Steam

The Talos Principle - $4.49

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

The sequel recently dropped, but if you've yet to play either of these celebrated philosophical puzzlers, now's a good time to see what all the fuss is about. The first entry of this sci-fi first-person puzzle game is currently less than five bucks.

The Talos Principle on Steam

KarmaZoo - $7.49

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

A relatively recent release, KarmaZoo landed on Steam last month, bringing a unique co-op experience to the table where kindness is the key to success. A bold 2D puzzle platformer with where up to 10 random players help each other.

KarmaZoo on Steam Deck

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals - $9.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

This is the mind-bending, supernatural follow-up to the critically-acclaimed original. Taking place five years after the first, this narrative adventure sees you investigating mysterious radio signals, and is a tale that you likely won't forget in a hurry. It only came out in July — it's currently half price, and is Verified for the Steam Deck.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals on Steam Deck

Ghostrunner - $8.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

An award-winning slice of fast-paced sci-fi platforming action. It's a hardcore slasher set in a grim cyberpunk world.

Ghostrunner on Steam

A Little to the Left - $9.74

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Described as "rewarding ode to neatness" this puzzler is all about tidying up and arrange household objects just so. A charming cozy puzzler. If you liked Unpacked, you'll likely find something to enjoy here.

A Little to the Left on Steam Deck

Assassin's Creed Origins — $8.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

Explore Ancient Egypt in this mammoth 2017 open-world action-RPG from Ubisoft. You can grab the deluxe edition for a few more bucks if you want even more to do.

Assassin's Creed Origins on Steam

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game — $4.94

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

This beloved 2010 2D arcade-style beat em 'up spent many years locked away, delisted, with no way to legally play it — but thankfully Ubisoft saw to bring it back in 2021 with this 'Complete Edition', which includes DLC and add-on packs.

It's a superb comic book adventure, has online co-op, and is currently less than five bucks!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game on Steam

Jet Lancer - $4.49

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

A fast-paced aerial shooter from 2020, that offers up high-velocity arcade action "with blue skies aplenty". 

It's airborne bullet-hell action that's really well suited to a handheld — which is handy, as it's verified on the Steam Deck.

‣ Jet Lancer for Steam Deck

Sable - $9.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

A beautiful debut game from Shedworks. This adventure takes you across the desert, in a world filled with mystery, ancient wonders, and sci-fi spaceships a plenty.

Sable for Steam Deck

Citizen Sleeper - $9.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

This 2022 award-winning indie sci-fi hit sees you 'roleplaying in the ruins of interplanetary capitalism'. It's a tabletop-inspired narrative RPG that's set on space station that thousands of people call home.

Citizen Sleeper on Steam

Max Payne 3 - $5.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

Rockstar's grizzly detective brings the series trademark slow-mo action to the markedly vivid streets of São Paulo, Brazil.

Max Payne 3 on Steam

Stuffo the Puzzle Bot — $5.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Released in March, this puzzle-platformer rocks a lovely pixel art look and is packed with brain-teasers a plenty. 

"Help Stuffo to solve the mind-bending puzzles by using various blocks to climb, push and teleport your way to the exit."

Stuffo the Puzzle Bot on Steam Deck

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition — $7.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

This 2011 mega-hit recently saw a notable update, adding in Steam Deck support. So now's a great time to double dip on this Bethesda modern classic, or if you've never played it see what all the fuss is about finally. An RPG masterpiece that took home over 200 awards.

Skyrim on Steam Deck

Railbound - $9.09

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

This, now Steam Deck verified, puzzle game is all about making smart train connections. It's got a charming look to it and offers an enjoyable challenge.

Railbound for Steam Deck

Disco Elysium - $9.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Now considered one of the very best role playing games of all time, Disco Elysium is an award-winning RPG hit from 2019 with a fascinating story and gameplay that features no combat, but instead resolves events through skill and dialogue alone. 

Intriguing characters, and a beautiful art style make this a must play. 75% off in the sale.

‣  Disco Elysium for Steam Deck

20 Minutes Till Dawn - $3.24

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

If you're a Vampire Survivors fan (which is also on sale) then the name of this game should give you an idea as to what you can expect. 

You've got 20 minutes to last the night, all whilst taking down an array of creepy Lovecraftian monsters. Bullet-hell survival roguelikes like this seem perfect fodder for a handheld.

‣  20 Minutes Till Dawn on Steam Deck

Two Point Hospital - $5.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

A modern take on the Hospital management sim, ala Theme Hospital. This medical sim has you building new wards, solving complex illnesses, and managing staff a plenty.

Two Point Hospital on Steam

Control - $9.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

This sci-fi supernatural third-person action-adventure from Remedy snagged over 80 awards, and promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Control for Steam Deck

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy - $3.19

🎮  Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Forget playing knocks off like Only Up 2 — this is the real, original stress-inducing vertical platformer. A gruelling test of patience, this 2017 climbing game pits you against a mountain — but you're in a pot, equipped only with a hammer. Good luck.

‣  Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy on Steam Deck

Dome Keeper - $8.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

A rad base-building roguelike in which you have to defend your dome from wave after wave of monsters. It's an award-winning survival miner which has a neat risk and reward system at its heart — dig deeper and mine, or come to the surface to carry out defence.

Dome Keeper for Steam Deck

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling - $7.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

An award-winning RPG from 2019 that will no doubt appeal to Paper Mario fans (it has a certain TTYD look to it). You take on the role of three bug adventurers who are on a quest to find the everlasting sapling.

Bug Fables for Steam Deck

Descenders - $7.49

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

If you've ever fancied throwing yourself down the side of a hill, look no further. Descenders is a rad, rather addictive downhill freeriding cycling game with procedurally generated worlds, and buttery smooth action.

Descenders on Steam

Bugsnax for Steam Deck

Bugsnax — $9.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

A rather odd, quirky 3D puzzle-adventure that takes place on 'Snaktooth Island' —home to an array of unusual half-snack, half-bug creatures. Looks cute but the 'psychological horror' tag on Steam tells you what you need to know. 

‣ Bugsnax on Steam Deck 

A Short Hike — $4.39

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

A charming little indie adventure from 2019 that tasks you with exploring a small island at leisure, and ultimately climbing the mountain found at the heart of the game. A really chill and relaxing experience that you can get through in an afternoon.

A Short Hike for Steam Deck

Loop Hero - $4.94

🎮  Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

You must "shatter the endless cycle of despair" in this unique tactical roguelike experience. You're equipped with a deck of mystical cards that can help you on your journey — each its own unique loop.

‣  Loop Hero on Steam

Grand Theft Auto IV - $5.99

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

This six dollar, complete edition of GTA IV is Steam Deck friendly, meaning that everyone's favourite cousin can bug you wherever you go.

Rockstar's 2008 open-world sandbox crime hit bundled here with the two DLC add ons, both The Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony.

‣  Grand Theft Auto IV on Steam

Here are some more Steam Deck friendly games under ten bucks in the Steam Winter Sale: 

Alright, that's it! Those are our highlights for the very best deals in the Steam Winter sale — all great games that are worth checking out, and they're all Steam Deck friendly too!

Let us know in the comments what you snagged!

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