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Mar 28, 2023 2 min read

GameCube emulator 'Dolphin' is coming to Steam Deck

GameCube emulator 'Dolphin' is coming to Steam Deck

Playing GameCube and Wii titles on the Steam Deck is going to get a lot easier thanks to the upcoming release of the Dolphin emulator.

Dolphin, the popular and well-supported emulator for playing Nintendo GameCube and Wii titles, is coming to Steam.

The developers announced the plans over on the project's website, noting how they are hoping to release the established emulator at some point within the next few months.

The Steam store page for the emulator is already live, with a carefully worded description listing support for "the big N's 6th and 7th generation consoles".

The emulator will be an 'early access' release on Steam, and is expected to arrive at some point in Q2 (that's between April and June). You can wishlist the tool now to be notified when it does eventually hit the store.

The project is "the product of many months of work" and the developers noted that when Dolphin is live on the Steam store they will share a look at "the process and features" of this release.

Over on Twitter developer OatmealDome shared one all important detail: "we’ll be supporting the Steam Deck" — music to our ears.

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