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January 2023: The best games coming to Steam this month

Here's a look at what games are coming to Steam in January 2023, including the Dead Space remake.

Games coming to Steam in January 2023

Here's a look at what games are coming to Steam in January 2023, including the Dead Space remake.

It's a new month, it's a new year, and it's the perfect time to add more games to your wishlist!

Yup, 2023 is here, and although this year has a ton of games on the way, today we're going to focus on what games are hitting Steam this month.

Last month saw the likes of High On Life, The Callisto Protocol, and Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion hit the store — but what about this month?

Well, if you're looking for Steam games releasing this month we've taken a look for you and today we're going to look at the highlights. Let's get to it.

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✨ January 2023 Steam Games

Scott Pilgrim game on Steam Deck

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition

🗓️ Out January 5
🔗 Steam Page

This much loved 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up (based on the comic and movie) first came out on the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2010 before dissapearing from digital storefronts for several years.

After this long hiatus the game returned in 2021, coming back with much fanfare and an updated 'complete edition' offering. It arrived on the Switch, PS4, Stadia, and other platforms — but now, in 2023, it's finally making its Steam debut. This version has the DLC and add-on packs included.

Breakout 13

🗓️ Out January 9
🔗 Steam Page

A full-motion video interactive narrative adventure game about a group of teenagers who find themselves at a correctional facility and must try to escape.

A neat looking bit of interactive fiction which seems to have decent production values and a rather cinemative look to it. There's a demo available too.

Children of Silentown on Steam

Children of Silentown

🗓️ Out January 11
🔗 Steam Page

A dark 2D point and click adventure game with a unique artstyle. It's about a girl called Lucy growing up in a village near a forest that's inhabited by monsters — which often results in strange goings-on. Your job is to investigate. There is a free prologue chapter available now.


🗓️ Out January 11
🔗 Steam Page

Tower-defense meets first-person shooter. After building your base you then jump into defending it in a more traditional FPS style — looks to be a fairly versatile experience. There's a demo available now. Oh, and that above trailer starts off a bit weird....

KartRider: Drift

🗓️ Out January 12
🔗 Steam Page

As a big Mario Kart fan, any decent looking take on the kart racing formula is always gonna catch my eye. This one seems to have all the usual arcade trimmings you'd expect (including over-the-top weapons), plus its cross-platform and free to play.

One Piece Odyssey on Steam

One Piece Odyssey

🗓️ Out January 12
🔗 Steam Page

To celebrate the series 25th anniversary here's a new RPG from Bandai Namco set in the world of the still popular One Piece anime. You and the Straw Hat Crew go on an adventure on a lush tropical island — and I gotta say, the visuals here are super clean. There's a Deluxe Edition for you super fans out there too.

Aquatico on Steam


🗓️ Out January 12
🔗 Steam Page

If the Earth's surface is something of a wasteland, one option is to go down — as such, we get a Aquatico, a 3D strategy city builder sim set underwater.

You're tasked with creating a deep sea colony and running it, taking on all the challenges that come with ocean floor living. The animation and detail here is quite something. There'a demo available now if you want to take the plunge.

Lone Ruin

🗓️ Out January 12
🔗 Steam Page

This twin-stick roguelike shooter has a rad, atmospheric visual style, some slick looking bullet-hell style gameplay, and some magic-based mechanics thrown in too. Looks gloriously chaotic at times.

SimRail — The Railway Simulator

🗓️ Out January 13
🔗 Steam Page

Fairly self-explanatory this one — but it sure does look the part. A really detailed train simulator with realistic physics, over 500km of real routes to journey on, and a wide variety of vehicles to try. You can even mix it up and switch the train for the signal box, or play in multiplayer.

Persona 3 Portable on Steam

Persona 3 Portable

🗓️ Out January 18
🔗 Steam Page

This highly-praised series defining RPG (also known as P3P) has not only been remastered for modern devices, but it also arrives from ATLUS on Steam verified ready for the Steam Deck.

This remaster includes new graphics, quality of life improvements, and smoother gameplay — you can also switch between either English or Japanese voice-acting.  

Dead Space on Steam

Dead Space

🗓️ Out January 27
🔗 Steam Page

EA's sci-fi survival horror classic from 2008 returns, for what is undoubtedly the biggest Steam release of the month.

This 2023 take on Isaac Clarke's tense space mission is a complete remake by Motive Studio using Electronic Arts' Frostbite engine. A nightmarish visual treat.


🗓️ Out January 31
🔗 Steam Page

An 'ink-based' 2D strategy game featuring medieval manuscripts that come to life. A really unique looking turn-based game that offers up bizarre duels, promises plenty of depth, ahd a touch of humour. Looks interesting!

Want more? See what games are on the horizon for the rest of the year:

2023 Steam Deck Games
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