Jan 4, 2024 3 min read

MSI is about to enter the handheld gaming PC space with an Intel-powered machine

MSI has teased a new device, set to be revealed at CES 2024 — and it sure looks like a Steam Deck competitor.

MSI Dragon
The MSI Dragon logo on the rear of a new, mysterious handheld

MSI has teased a new device, set to be revealed at CES 2024 — and it sure looks like a Steam Deck competitor.

2022 gave us the Steam Deck, 2023 gave us a slew of competing handheld PC devices, and, thanks to this new tease from MSI, it looks like 2024 is set to continue that much welcome trend of portable PC powerhouses.

Yes, just days away from the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show kicking off in Vegas, computer hardware giant MSI has hinted that they have new hardware to show us real soon.

A teaser video shared to MSI's gaming-themed Instagram account gave us a brief, almost mysterious glimpse at some upcoming hardware, with a caption reading that a "whole new breed of MSI dragon is coming".

MSI Dragon handheld PC

The short video doesn't give much away, but we did spot some RGB lighting around the joysticks, and plenty of grills on the rear of the device.

MSI Dragon handheld
The MSI handheld, featuring RGB lighting around the joysticks

We don't know much else about the device yet, including any actual specs — however the MSI handheld may well be Intel-based if this vague post from Intel Gaming on X is anything to go by (hat-tip to Liam for spotting this). A device of this nature being powered by an Intel chip would be something of a departure from the largely AMD-norm seen in other gaming devices.

We asked YouTuber Cary Golomb (aka The Phawx) — who has recently shared a video on Intel’s potential problem in the gaming space — just what he made of this future Intel-powered MSI device: “I'm optimistic on pricing as I think Intel can bring the heat on being competitive there and have a good showing at higher TDPs. Otherwise, the very poor low TDP performance and poor driver showing might be a rug-pull for would-be customers”.

The MSI Gaming YouTube channel currently has a scheduled video, set to go live during CES 2024 on Wednesday, January 10th, promising a preview of "what hardware and tech you can expect from MSI in 2024" — so it's likely we will learn more then.

So, with the Legion Go, ROG Ally, Steam Deck, or one of the countless options from AYANEO, and now this from MSI — when it comes to portable gaming PCs we are now truly spoiled for choice.

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