Feb 6, 2024 3 min read

Everything you need to know about the AYANEO Pocket S

Handheld device maker AYANEO have shared fresh details about their upcoming Snapdragon-powered Android gaming handheld — the Pocket S.

AYANEO Pocket S Android gaming handheld.

Handheld device maker AYANEO have shared fresh details about their upcoming Snapdragon-powered Android gaming handheld — the Pocket S.

We've got some good news for those who want a handheld that can genuinely fit in your pocket — for which there's still a lot of demand, but one that feels like it gets ignored by a lot of the big players. AYANEO have announced some more details about the adorable Pocket S, and it looks like it could be a wonderful little device.

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As we wrote about all the way back in August last year, the AYANEO Pocket S will have the new Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 chip to help power it, and will allow it to max out the 15W power demand comfortably. It also has an Adreno A32 GPU, which is a big boost over the 8 Gen 2, allowing for a substantial boost in GPU performance and stability.

The AYANEO Pocket S line-up

The screen sounds great too — it has a 1440p resolution and is 6" in size, which will have everything you play on it looking like liquid gold. Seriously, that resolution on such a little screen will result in some incredible visual displays.

Storage-wise, it comes with up to 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD, which is more than enough for most people.

Playing the AYANEO Pocket S

It also has a bunch of cool control options like three-mode vibration, an RGB Hall sensing joystick, 'crystal-textured' keys for comfort and better grip, and plenty of control management options that'll allow you to truly customise the way you play games.

Finally, and this is sort of the most interesting part, it has a new design that not only allows for good heat dissipation, but also means it's only 14mm thick. It's hard to grasp how something so slim has all of this technology inside of it, but we're definitely keen to see how well it all works. It is an Android device though, which we have mixed feelings about.

The device isn't on sale just yet, but will be available to order via Indiegogo.

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