How to install the Diablo IV Beta on Steam Deck
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Mar 18, 2023 2 min read

How does Diablo IV beta run on Steam Deck? Best Settings and Performance

Diablo IV on Steam Deck

These are the best settings for the preorder of Diablo IV beta on Steam Deck and SteamOS.

The Diablo IV closed beta is running this weekend between March 17th and 19th (with an open beta between the 24th and 26th), so naturally we were wondering how the new Diablo game runs on Steam Deck.

If you followed our Diablo IV Steam Deck installation guide, you'll know the current Diablo IV beta runs on Steam Deck — that is, if you get around the queues (our current personal record is 115 minutes of waiting time).

But when you get into the game here are a few steps to make the Diablo IV beta run better on Valve's Steam Deck:

Best Settings for Diablo IV on Steam Deck

First of all, you need to choose the correct Proton version.

We had the most luck so far with Proton 6.3 and GE-Proton 7-51 (this is a built especially meant for the Diablo IV beta). Follow our guide on how to install GE-Proton.

Next, following our graphic settings guide, cap your refresh rate and framerate limit to 40. While we can play the game on low at 60fps, we personally had too many drops that made for an unstable game, so dropping it to 40 makes for a better experience.

The next big change you want to make is to set FSR 2.0 (that‘s the one in the graphic settings of the game, NOT the Steam Deck‘s built-in one) to `Quality`. In-game it is called FidelityFX Super Resolution.

With these settings, we were able to select the in-game preset for Medium settings with a more or less stable framerate.

Diablo is officially still in beta, and the servers are currently getting hammered, so we might see better performance when the game goes live on June 6th.

We‘ll be sure to continue looking for the best preset, so follow us on Twitter or Mastodon, and subscribe to the newsletter so that we can keep you in touch.

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