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You can now order AYANEO's dual-screen 'Flip DS' handheld

Crowdfunding for the AYANEO Flip KB and Flip DS, two new handhelds from AYANEO, is now live.

AYANEO Flip KB and Flip DS

Crowdfunding for the AYANEO Flip KB and Flip DS, two new handhelds from AYANEO, is now live.


Hardware maker AYANEO today launched the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for their new 'Flip' line of handhelds — including the Nintendo DS inspired 'Flip DS'.

The new Flip portables come in two variants — the first is the Flip KB, a Windows-powered device with a full keyboard, the second is the aforementioned Flip DS which is something of an homage to Nintendo's dual-screen hit. This Flip DS is touted as the "world's first flip dual screen Windows handheld". Both are available in either 'Milky White' or 'Shadow Black' colorways.

The crowdfunding page has the AYANEO Flip range starting at $699. That's for the keyboard-based model. The dual-screen device starts at an 'early-bird' price point of $739.

The price varies depending on the configuration of course, with various CPU (AMD 8840U & 7840U), memory, and SSD variations available.

Devices are expected to start shipping worldwide in late March, early April.

We're looking forward to talking the DS version for a spin, and seeing how DS and 3DS emulation stacks up on the intriguing device.

AYANEO Flip:World 1st Dual-Screen Windows Handheld
DS:Dual Screen & KB:Full Keyboard丨AMD 8840U & 7840U丨Full-Angle Flip Design丨7″ 1080P 120Hz IPS Screen | Check out ‘AYANEO Flip:World 1st Dual-Screen Windows Handheld’ on Indiegogo.

Original Story:

It's a new year and a new you if you could afford the parts to upgrade. There are also two new devices from AYANEO. The Flip KB and Flip DS look pretty impressive, and we're excited to learn more about them. Although, we've already been graced with a chunk of information on them both.

That's mostly thanks to an immense post on the AYANEO website detailing a lot of information on both devices. If you want the short version of things, then this is the information the company put out in a handy little image:

Infographic for the AYANEO Flip Series
  • Flip screen with three locking positions at 120°, 150° and 180°
  • 7" 1080P IPS screen with a 120Hz refresh rate
  • A little trackpad-like surface to emulate a mouse
  • Flip KB comes with a full QWERTY keyboard
  • Flip DS comes with a 3.5" touchscreen
  • OCuLink port
  • Full-featured USB4 Type-C
  • USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C (data only)
  • M.2 2230 PCle 4.0 Interface
  • UHS-II Level microSD Card Slot
  • AMD Ryzen ™ 7 7840U at 28 watts (AYANEO teased an AMD 8000-series chip version to come in the future)
  • RGB Hall Sensing Joystick + Hall Trigger

The Flip KB
The Flip KB has a full keyboard

Let's quickly talk about the two devices separately to discuss what they do. The Flip KB is a clamshell device with a full-blown keyboard between the usual controls you'd expect. This should allow for some Blackberry-esque typing if you're doing messages on it, but it could also be a huge deal if you're trying to play a game that involves some light keyboard controls. We doubt it'll be good if you're trying to play Call of Duty, but it's a nice feature.

The AYANEO Flip DS features a 3.5" touchscreen.
The AYANEO Flip DS features a 3.5" touchscreen.

The more interesting one, though, at least in our opinion, is the Flip DS. In a shocking move, DS stands for dual screens here, and we're really hoping Nintendo doesn't flex their lawyers. The Flip DS has a smaller screen between the controls on the bottom half. This 3.5" touchscreen should allow for the best possible Nintendo (3)DS emulation we've seen yet on a handheld. It is also a somewhat unique opportunity in the handheld world in general.

AYANEO promises the ability to customize the apps on the auxiliary screen and switch between different features and options as you play. Still, you can also switch the two screens with ease. It could be a new way to enjoy handheld gaming on a Windows handheld, and we're incredibly intrigued by both devices, especially this new take on the dual-screen design.

Both of these devices will currently be funded via IndieGoGo, and if you feel like these devices are worth getting, you can register your interest in the IGG pre-launch. Over time, AYANEO will not only release more information but also share the early bird pricing as well.

Interview: AYANEO’s CEO Arthur Zhang wants to make the best handheld in the world
In our interview with AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang, we asked him about handhelds, the Steam Deck, and what the ultimate handheld would look like.

We'd always recommend being careful with any funding you can commit, so keep that in mind if you're not 100% sure about wanting to buy in. AYANEO expects the Flip KB and Flip DS to ship in early February.

The version with the 8000-series chip (we expect it to be the AMD 8840U) will launch a few months later.

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