Jun 16, 2023 2 min read

ASUS ROG Ally 3.19 update seemingly causes performance issues [Update]

A recent BIOS update has seemingly caused performance issues for the new ASUS portable PC.

Two ASUS ROG Ally's running different firmware

A recent BIOS update has seemingly caused performance issues for the new ASUS portable PC.

Update: ASUS is aware of the issue and is currently working on a potential fix. There is, however, currently no time-frame as to when we can expect an update. ASUS therefore recommends to skip the BIOS update but still install all the remaining updates available on ArmouryCrate SE. (via RetroResolve)

A recent BIOS update for the new ASUS ROG Ally, a device released just earlier this week, has seemingly impacted FPS performance on the device.

Scroll down to see our new benchmark comparisons.

In his review for the recently released ROG Ally gaming handheld, Sean Hollister (writing at The Verge) highlighted some curious irregularities when tracking the performance of the new ASUS portable PC.

Hollister's analysis detailed how the performance of the AMD-powered device has seemingly decreased since running initial benchmarks back in May. With the benchmark tests carried out this month (June), now showing the ASUS ROG Ally running worse than prior to launch.

In our ASUS ROG Ally review, posted earlier this week, and based on testing carried out in early June — we did not see a similar performance dive and couldn't replicate this issue.

However, after installing a new BIOS update (version 3.19) we too are now seeing a similar performance dive. We've ran benchmarks across a range of popular titles including Cyberpunk 2077, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and other titles and can report the following findings.

ASUS ROG Ally Benchmarks

When compared to our initial tests 'Cyberpunk 2077' now runs about 25% slower. A similar story is true for 'Shadow of Tomb Raider' - with performance taking a roughly 13% percent dip.

You can see the differences in performance in the chart below:

We've independently confirmed with Sean at The Verge that we are both now running the same 3.19 BIOS version, and also confirmed similar performance issues with Steam Deck YouTuber Fan The Deck — and as such can only conclude this 3.19 update is likely the reason for the unfortunate performance hit.

Benchmark authority The Phawx recommends avoiding this update if you can:

We're reached out to ASUS for comment on this issue and will update this story, and our review, when we receive comment.  

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