May 8, 2024 2 min read

Did ASUS just tease a black ROG Ally?

Did ASUS just hint that a black version of their ROG Ally handheld PC may be on the way?

A black ASUS ROG Ally on a shelf

It's been roughly a year now since the ASUS ROG Ally first arrived on the scene. The Steam Deck competitor launched last summer, and despite some lingering issues, is now one of the standout alternatives in the handheld gaming PC space.

At launch the Windows-powered handheld was made available in just one white colour option — however, that may be about to now change if a recent social post from the ASUS ROG X (Twitter) account is anything to go by.

In the X update the ROG team shared an image showing a room filled with various gaming goods, including a ton of ROG Ally devices to find. The image (shown below) features over 20 of the portable PCs — including one tucked away on a shelf sporting what appears to be a black design.

Numerous ASUS ROG Ally devices in a room
The original image shared on X

We reached out to ASUS for comment on if they are planning to release their handheld PC in other colorway options, but they only said that they currently "have nothing to tell about further development of the ROG Ally". But in the mean time, it sure looks like they're hinting at just that.

Would you prefer to grab an ROG Ally in black? Let us know in the comments...

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