Jan 3, 2024 2 min read

Here are all the Steam sales planned for 2024

Dates for your diary: These are all of the upcoming sales on Steam for 2024.

Steam Sales in 2024

Dates for your diary: These are all of the upcoming sales on Steam for 2024.

Sure, the Steam Winter Sale may have just wrapped up, bringing an end to the very first sale on Steam of 2024. But that's not to say Steam hasn't got more bargain bonanzas on the horizon.

Here's a list of all known upcoming sales events that are set to take place on Steam throughout this year. These are typically either themed events — offering discounts on games of a specific style or genre, or the bigger seasonal sales that take place each quarter.

So, if you're curious when the next Steam sale is, or you're holding out for a bargain, these are the dates for your diary! PC gaming bargains for all.

🗓️ Steam Sales in 2024:

  • Steam Capitalism and Economy Fest: January 8 - 15
    This sale will focus on "games that are about cold hard cash". So, spend a little of your real cash to play pretend.
  • Steam Pirates vs. Ninjas Fest: January 22 - 29
    No surprises for what sorts of games will be discounted during this week long sales event. Steam shares that it will feature games that will help answer an age-old playground question: "who would win in a fight, a pirate or a ninja"?
  • Steam Next Fest: February 5 - 12
    Demos aplenty! Ok, this one is less about the discounts, and more about learning about upcoming games, trying demos, and getting some new titles on your wishlist.
  • Steam Remote Play Together Fest: February 12 - 19
    In a long distance relationship? Well, this sale may be one way to snag some choice games to play together on Valentines — it's a week long sale that "celebrates playing your favorite games with your friends, remotely".
  • Steam Dinos vs. Robots Fest: February 26 - March 4
    Are you more a Jurassic Park or Transformers kinda person? Well, this sale, unsurprisingly is all about games featuring either robots, dinosaurs, or maybe even robot dinosaurs.

  • ⭐️ Steam Spring Sale: March 14 - 21
  • Deckbuilders Fest: March 25 - April 1
  • Steam FPS Fest: April 15 - 22
  • Farming Fest: April 29 - May 6
  • Endless Replayability Fest: May 13 - 20
  • Open World Survival Crafting Fest: May 27 - June 3
  • Steam Next Fest: June 10 - 17
  • ⭐️ Steam Summer Sale: June 27 - July 11

...we'll add more details, and more sales as we learn about them here.

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