Dec 19, 2023 2 min read

Ecosystem strategy Terra Nil is out now on Nintendo Switch

Here's a look at the ~20 games coming to Nintendo's hybrid this week.

Terra Nil on Nintendo Switch

Here's a look at the ~20 games coming to Nintendo's hybrid this week.

🛍 Monday, December 18 — Sunday, December 24

Tis the week before Christmas and the Switch is playing host to another 20 or so new games coming to the eShop. The highlight this week is undoubtedly the lovely looking Terra Nil.

As ever, the full list below shares what games are coming to the Nintendo Switch over the course of the next seven days, including a short description of each and a link out to more information should you so want it.

Right, let's get to it — here's what games are landing on the eShop this week.

Monday, December 18

  • Fireball Wizard â€” A pixelated fantasy platformer world with action, adventure, and puzzle elements.
  • Xiizeal â€” A 2002 arcade vertical shmup. (Already available in U.S.)
  • Terra Nil â€”  A lovely looking game about transforming a barren landscape into a thriving ecosystem.

Tuesday, December 19

  • Wall World â€” A mining rogue-lite with tower defense elements and a neat 'robo-spider'. (Already available in U.S.)

Wednesday, December 20

Thursday, December 21

Friday, December 22

That's a wrap! Does anything catch your eye?

All of the dates listed above are EU and US unless noted. A 📦 box emoji means a physical release is also available. A 🎮 controller emoji means there is a demo available on the eShop.

This release data is kindly sourced via 
Switch Scores.

This list of upcoming Nintendo Switch games first appeared in 
Issue 363 of Switch Weekly— Chris Brandrick's free Nintendo newsletter.

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