Jan 16, 2023 2 min read

Fire Emblem Engage and Persona ports arrive on Switch this week

Here's a look at what games are coming to the Nintendo Switch over the next seven days.

Fire Emblem Engage on Nintendo Switch

Here's a look at what games are coming to the Nintendo Switch over the next seven days.

🛍 Monday, January 16 — Sunday, December 22

Nintendo kicks off its slate of 2023 releases with Fire Emblem Engage this week.

It joins around 20 other games coming to the Switch eShop over the next seven days, including a 3D gardening sim, a slice-of-life pixel adventure game, and two Persona ports.

We've gone through all of them, listing each one below for you. You'll find a quick description of what every upcoming game is, along with a link to more information — including various screenshots, a game trailer, and more details, such as age ratings, and how many players each game supports, etc.

All dates are EU and US unless noted. Release data is sourced via Switch Scores. A 📦 emoji means the title is also available physically. A 🎮 emoji denotes that a demo is available.

Want to know what games are coming to Switch this week?
The full list is below.

🗓 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games:

Monday, January 16

Tuesday, January 17

  • RE:CALL — An adventure/puzzle game with GBA style visuals.

Wednesday, January 18

Thursday, January 19

  • A Matter of Principle — An interactive comic/novel history lesson of sorts.
  • A Space for the Unbound — Slice-of-life pixel art adventure set in the late 90s rural Indonesia that tells a story about anxiety, depression, and supernatural powers.
  • Minimal Move — A 3D spacial puzzler with co-op.
  • NeverAwake — A nightmarish twin-stick shooter with a neat look.
  • Persona 3 Portable — You wanted to see Atlus' much loved JRPGs on Switch — so here's some more. M for mature.
  • Persona 4 Golden — ..and another one. You can get both this and the above in a bundle too. M for mature.
  • Rubber Bandits — A 1-4 player party brawler about grabbing as much cash as you can.
  • 🎮 Smilemo — Side-scrolling action game featuring a smiley in virus-filled computer.
  • Trenches — A WW1 first-person survival horror game. (Jan 20 in U.S.)
  • Void Prison — Fast-paced, endless arcade twin-stick shooter that puts you inside an ever-shrinking ring.

Friday, January 20

The highlight here this week has to be the new Fire Emblem game (which you can preorder here).

Do you like the look of any of these upcoming Nintendo Switch games?

This list of upcoming games first appeared in Issue 315 of Switch Weekly — Chris Brandrick's Nintendo newsletter digest.
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