Jun 12, 2023 2 min read

Watercolour adventure Dordogne lands on Switch this week

There are just over 15 games coming to the Nintendo Switch this week — here's the full list.

Dordogne on Nintendo Switch

There are just over 15 games coming to the Nintendo Switch this week — here's the full list.

It's a bit of a quieter week on the Nintendo eShop, with just over 15 games arriving on Nintendo's hybrid console over the next seven days.

As ever, we've gone through all of the upcoming games, and we've got the full list to share with you here today. Alongside each game listed below you'll find a short description noting what you can expect, along with a link out to a trailer, screenshots, etc.

My highlight this week has to be the lovely looking narrative adventure Dordogne — it has a charming watercolour visual style that you'll want to see in motion.

So, want to know what games are landing on the Switch this week?
The full list of just over 15 upcoming Nintendo Switch games are below.

🗓 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games:

Monday, June 12

  • Sqroma — An arcade puzzle platformer with a neat colour-swap mechanic.

Tuesday, June 13

  • Dordogne — A beautiful summertime 'narrative experience' with a delightful watercolour look.

Wednesday, June 14

Thursday, June 15

Friday, June 16

All dates are EU and US unless noted. 📦 A cardboard box emoji denotes a game is also released physically. 🎮 A controller emoji means a demo is on the Nintendo eShop.

Release data is sourced via Switch Scores.

This list of upcoming Nintendo Switch games first appeared in Issue 336 of Switch Weekly — Chris Brandrick's Nintendo newsletter.
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