Oct 6, 2022 2 min read

You can now buy a Steam Deck without a reservation

The Steam Deck reservation system is seemingly no more, as you can now pick up Valve's handheld without the wait.

A Steam Deck in hand

Valve have changed how you buy a Steam Deck, doing away with the need to reserve a console — meaning you can now place an order for the portable PC directly.

Previously those interested in getting Valve's handheld would need to place a preorder, and then wait for a follow-up invitation email to purchase — with every order being given an initial three-month delivery window.

All summer long Valve shared update-after-update on their improved production timelines, slashing the time folks had to wait before they could get their hands on the console. Many folks on Twitter and Reddit kept us updated on ever-shrinking delivery windows — and it seems Valve have now reached a point where they can seemingly do away with the old reservation system.

First spotted by the SteamDB Twitter accountthe Steam Deck store page now simply reads 'Buy Now', meaning all orders placed should just get the portable PC delivered directly within two weeks — without the need to wait for any separate reservation email.

The Steam Deck order page in October 2022

The screenshot above is taken from the Steam Deck store in the UK (at time of writing) — showing all three models available for shipping directly within 1-2 weeks.

It's worth noting, however, that we're seeing reports that these shipping times do still vary slightly from region to region — with some users seeing delays on the 64GB base model, especially in Europe.

Valve confirmed the change in their own tweet shared to the OnDeck account, along with this neat video showing the Steam Deck production line in full swing:


In an email update Valve detailed that:

"..the team has been working hard to address component shortages and supply chain issues"

..adding that:

"Now, we are manufacturing and shipping Steam Decks at our highest rate ever, and as of this morning, we've caught up on all reservations and are now officially in stock in North America, the United Kingdom, and the EU."

However, in a cautious note Valve were keen to point out that their bandwith for making and shipping out these devices is "still finite", and that should order numbers outpace what they can produce they may still need to tweak delivery estimates or even "temporarily flip back to reservation mode" in order to catch up.

This much simpler ordering process is yet another sign of Valve's improved production schedule for the Steam Deck, and a positive indicator of continued demand for the handheld device.

Valve's open and honest approach to communicating their production journey since launch has been very successful in setting expectations and keeping folks feeling well informed.

In addition to the above updates to the Steam Deck buying process, Valve also shared that orders for the official Docking Station accessory are now open.

Chris Brandrick
Chris Brandrick
Curator of Switch Weekly. Loves Nintendo. Uses too many emoji. ✌️🎮💌🇪🇺
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