Mar 16, 2023 14 min read

The Best Games Under $10 in the Steam Spring Sale

These are the best games you can get for under $10 in the new Steam Spring Sale.

Bargains in the Steam Spring Sale

These are the best games you can get for under $10 in the new Steam Spring Sale.

It's that time again. Valve's first big sale of 2023 is here, with the Steam Spring sale now underway — it offers up a week-long opportunity to snag a bunch of great games at pretty sweet discounted prices (oh, and you can also get the Steam Deck itself with a nice 10% discount too).

The Steam Spring sale runs from March 16, 2023 until March 23, 2023.

As always, these Steam sales see thousands of games on offer, including plenty of recent, big titles — but today we've taken a look specifically at the best budget buysthose pocket-friendly purchases you can snag without breaking the bank. Yup, here are our picks for the very best sub-ten dollar games that you can pick up in the Steam Spring sale. As a bonus, most of these recommendations should also be playable on the Steam Deck too.

Let's get to it, and take a look at the best bargains in the 2023 Steam Spring Sale.

🎮 Steam Spring Sale Bargains:

Terror of Hemasaurus for Steam Deck

Terror of Hemasaurus - $8.44

If you loved Rampage and fancy a bit of Kaiju destruction then you'll want to check out 2022's Terror of Hemasaurus from Loren Lemcke.

It's a retro city smash 'em up, with an awesome pixel art look, fun destructive physics, a funny satirical story, and plenty of buildings to tear down. There's currently 35% off, and it's Deck verified.

Terror of Hemasaurus on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Post Void on Steam

Post Void - $2.99

You're going to want to watch the trailer for this one, as seeing it in motion really helps convey just how wild this hypnotic, psychedelic, trippy FPS is.

It moves at a super fast pace, has a wicked, unique look and is an action roguelike that will no doubt leave an impression.

As a word of warning however, this game may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Post Void on Steam Deck (Deck Playable)

Resident Evil 2 on Steam Deck

Resident Evil 2 - $9.99

This glorious 2019 remake of the PS1 original gives the classic Racoon City zombie experience a complete overhaul, with plenty of great quality-of-life improvements, superb visuals, and new controls and camera options. Leon and Claire have never looked so good, and at 75% off it's an absolute bargain.

Plus, as a bonus, if these sorts of games are just a bit too spooky for you, the good news is this rebuilt version is totally Deck compatible — meaning you can play on the toilet if you really need to.

Resident Evil 2 on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Titanfall 2 on Steam

Titanfall 2 - $4.49

It's almost become something of a running joke now to mention how everyone seemingly slept on this 2016 gem — but, nonetheless it remains an essential.

FPS mech action at its finest, an inventive must play.

Titanfall 2 on Steam (Deck Playable)

Spiritfarer for Steam Deck

Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition - $7.49

There's currently 75% off this Deck Verified cozy management game about... dying.

You find yourself in the role of a ferrymaster to the deceased, where you need to build a boat to explore the world, care for your spirit friends, and release them into the afterlife.

A much-loved, emotional indie experience. There's a demo available too if you'd rather give things a go.

Spiritfarer on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - $9.99

An absolute behemoth of a game for a sub-ten dollar price point. This 2016 open-world RPG classic has snagged over 200 Game of the Year awards, cementing its position as a modern classic.

If you're looking for a slightly cheaper Elder Scrolls fix, you can get the Game of the Year edition of Oblivion, one the most-loved games of the past twenty years, for just $5.99. It too is Deck playable.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Steam (Deck Playable)

Yoko's Island Express on Steam Deck

Yoku's Island Express - $3.99

This charming slice of pinball meets platforming action is probably the most unique and novel Metroidvania you can play.

In fact, we loved this smart hybrid title so much we called it one of the best Metroidvania games you can play on the Steam Deck, and at this price (a massive 80% off), it's a no brainer.

Yoku's Island Express (Deck Verified)

Star Wars Jedi on Steam Deck

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - $3.99

Finished watching Andor? All caught up on The Mandalorian? Why not add a little Star Wars to your Steam Deck and play Respawn's 2019 third-person action-adventure 'Fallen Order'?

This much loved award-winning single-player is a great, and much welcome, modern Star Wars game, bringing Souls-like and Metroidvania gameplay to a universe far, far away.

Also, the discount on this one is crazy good — a huge 90% off.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on Steam (Deck Playable)

Undertale on Steam

Undertale - $2.99

Toby Fox's 2015 award-winning top-down indie RPG features at least five or six dogs. You play as a child who has fallen into the Underground, and meets various monsters that you can either pacify or subdue — killing is unnecessary.

A much-loved modern cult classic.

Undertale on Steam (Deck Playable)

Subnautica for Steam Deck

Subnautica - $9.89

Ok, I’ll be honest. This game kills me.

I suffer of a mild case of thalassophobia that quickly turns into an extreme case every time I start this game. But this is probably why Subnautica is a fantastic survival sim, and probably one of the best survival horror games out there. And yes, Subnautica is a horror game. Don’t @ me.

Subnautica on Steam (Deck Verified)

Sayonara Wild Hearts - $7.79

This 'pop-album' videogame is probably worth getting just for the soundtrack alone, but the game itself has plenty to like about it too!

A super-stylish arcade action game in which you ride motorcycles, skateboard, and shoot lasers at 200mph. It's a short experience, but one you won't regret.

Sayonara Wild Hearts on Steam (Deck Verified)

DOOM on Steam Deck

DOOM (2016) - $4.99

id Software's award-winning modern take on DOOM is currently on sale with a huge 75% discount.

This first-person shooter rewards you for taking risks and playing aggressively, the result is an intense, fast, fluid, and ultimately satisfying shooter. A great campaign, a bargain price, and it's Deck verified too.

DOOM for Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

ElecHead - $7.99

This charming single-player 2D puzzle platformer will scratch a certain itch — it has a distinct style, plenty of retro appeal, and is an award-winner.

ElecHead for Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Disco Elysium - $9.99

This award winning and Steam Deck verified title currently sits at a whopping Metacritic score of 91/100. Considered one of the best role playing games ever made, Disco Elysium features no combat, but instead resolves events through skill check and dialogue alone.

It features a fascinating story — which will turned into a television series, by the way — intriguing characters, and a beautiful oil painting like art style.

‣  Disco Elysium for Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Slay the Spire for Steam Deck

Slay the Spire - $8.49

This one currently has over 100,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam — so it's fair to say its rather well liked.

It promises to make you fall in love with the deck-building genre, by combining the best bits of card games with roguelike gameplay, creating what's been described as a highly compelling and satisfying single-player experience.

It's reduced a massive 66%, taking it from $24.99 down to just $8.49.

Slay the Spire on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

SteamWorld Dig 2 for Steam Deck

SteamWorld Dig 2 - $4.99

This 2D steampunk mining adventure sees you digging deep in in search of valuable wild west loot — and it's currenly discounted a hefty 75%.

It's a vibrant and engaging Metroidvania-style game filled with challenging puzzles and fun exploration — an imaginative indie gem that trumps the original in almost every way.

SteamWorld Dig 2 on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

killer7 for Steam Deck

killer7 - $4.99

This oddball 2005 first-person action-adventure game (originally one of the Capcom Five) has something of a cult following.

It follows an elite group of assassins uncovering a deep U.S.—Japan conspiracy. If you like Suda51 games, this will be right up your street.

There's 75% off Killer 7 in the Steam Spring Sale, and the game is Deck verified too.

Killer 7 on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Bugsnax for Steam Deck

Bugsnax - $8.74

This colourful 3D puzzle-adventure game sees you journey to Snaktooth Island, a place that's home to unusual half-bug, half-snack creatures. It looks cute enough, but the 'psychological horror' tag on Steam suggests another side to this oddball game that's well worth exploring.

There's currently 65% off this one, bringing it down from $25, to just under nine dollars. It's Deck verified too.

Bugsnax on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

A Short Hike for Steam Deck

A Short Hike - $4.79

There's a generous 40% discount on this lovely little indie adventure from 2019. It's an award-winning short experience in which you are tasked with exploring a beautiful small island and ultimately climbing up to the top of the Hawk Peak mountain.

It's a chill, relaxing, and rather charming experience — you can snag it for just under five dollars ($4.79) and it's guaranteed to work on your Steam Deck too.

A Short Hike for Steam (Deck Verified)

TY the Tasmanian Tiger on Steam Deck

TY the Tasmanian Tiger - $7.49

G'day bargain hunters. For those of a certain age grabbing this one will be a pure nostalgia play.

Yup, this is a remaster of the PlayStation 2 classic from 2002. If you fancy a bit of Aussie 3D platforming action, look no further than Krome Studio's efforts here — currently discounted by a decent 50%. The second game is also discounted, and also Deck Verified.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Brotato - $3.99

This is a 2D top-down arena shooter that came out in Early Access in September of last year. It's currently g0t 20% off, coming in at just under four bucks.

It sees you take on the role of an angry weapon-wielding potato taking on hordes of aliens in roguelite runs. If you liked Vampire Survivors this will scratch a similar itch.

Brotato on Steam (Deck Verified)

Untitled Goose Game - $9.99

This humorous, somewhat cartoonish sandbox puzzler from House House sees players take control of a mischievous goose determined to ruin the day of the unsuspecting people in a small English village. Cause mayhem, steal items and scare villagers.

A honking good time, that's currently half price.

‣  Untitled Goose Game for Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Yakuza 0 on Steam Deck

Yakuza 0 - $4.99

Like a Dragon time! This prequel to the mammoth Yakuza series sees you fight through 1980s Tokyo and Osaka with protagonist Kazuma Kiryu and series regular Goro Majima.

It's currently down a massive 75% off, and it's Deck verified too.

Yakuza 0 on Steam (Deck Verified)

Void Bastards for Steam Deck

Void Bastards - $8.99

This rad strategy-shooter hit from 2019 is inspired by the likes of BioShock and System Shock 2, and it promises to test both your wits as well as exercise your aim.

It's currently reduced by a sizeable 70% in Steam Spring Sale, meaning you can snag this unique looking action roguelike for just under nine bucks.

Void Bastards on Steam Deck (Deck Playable)

Dorfromantik on Steam Deck

Dorfromantik - $9.79

I poured a ton of time into this chill, serene puzzle game when I first got my Steam Deck. It offers up a perfect slice of laidback gaming, which I found to be perfect for a quick 10-20 minute play session on Valve's handheld.

It's described as "a peaceful building strategy and puzzle game where you create a beautiful and ever-growing village landscape by placing tiles". That's pretty much it — it does one thing, and it does it well. This game is a joy.

Dorfromantik for Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Firewatch on Steam Deck

Firewatch - $4.99

This single-player first-person mystery game sees you out in the Wyoming wilderness with only the person on the other end of the radio for company. A really successful example of what a narrative adventure game can be, with an excellent script, and solid, convincing voice acting. It's currently discounted by 75%.

A great debut from developer Campo Santo back in 2016, that's still worth playing now.

Firewatch for Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Devil May Cry for Steam Deck

Devil May Cry 5 - $9.89

Capcom delivered some more over the top 'high-octane' action with this 2019 entry in the long-running Devil May Cry series. It's high energy, violent hack and slash action for a sub-ten dollar price tag.

It's down 67% in the Steam Spring Sale, and it's Deck verified — meaning you and Dante can take the action on the road.

Devil May Cry 5 on Steam (Deck Verified)

Hollow Knight for Steam Deck

Hollow Knight - $7.49

We're still waiting on Silksong... But if you haven't played Hollow Knight yet that means you've still got time to play the 2017 Team Cherry original before the sequel drops.

It's an award-winning hand-drawn 2D Metroidvania — one of the best on Steam Deck — and it's currently half price, with an excellent 50% off.

‣  Hollow Knight on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Coffee Talk on Steam

Coffee Talk - $6.49

This charming, atmospheric, talking sim sees you in the role of a barista, talking to customers, listening to their problems and helping them.

It's currently 50% off - the biggest discount the game has ever seen, which is good timing as the sequel is set to arrive just next month.

‣  Coffee Talk on Steam (Deck Verified)

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor & Shadow of War

Maybe the best video game adaptations of the Lord of the Ring universe, both Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War are currently on sale and Steam Deck Verified — there's also a demo available for Shadow of War.

With the Nemesis system both games feature one of the most intriguing gaming features of the last view years. Every time the player defeats one of the Orc lieutenants, another one will pick up his rank, and every time the player is defeated by an enemy, this one will rank up in the Orc hierarchy. So everything the player does directly affects the world of Middle-Earth.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War for Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Alba on Steam Deck

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure - $6.79

Ok, this one is pretty adorable. It's a summer vacation to a Mediterranean island with a difference. Snap pics of the local wildlife on your phone, find all the species, do good deeds, and remember your best childhood summers, in what's described as a 'chillectathon'.

Oh, and for every download, a real tree will be planted.

‣  Alba on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

NORCO - $8.24

A text-based point & click adventure, often compared to Disco Elysium — another game on this list.

In Norco, the player returns to his home-town of.... Norco in South Louisiana looking for his brother who mysterously disappeared after their mother’s death. It's a mystery game with a rich story, fantastic pixel art design, and awesome sound design. If you like Disco Elysium, you’ll like this.

‣  Norco on Steam (Deck Playable)

Fallout: New Vegas - $2.49

This much celebrated 2010 open-world RPG from Obsidian Entertainment is set in a post-apocalyptic version of the Mojave Wasteland in the year 2281.

It places you in control of a courier tasked with delivering a valuable package across the dangerous New Vegas wasteland while being pursued by various factions.

‣  Fallout: New Vegas on Steam (Deck Playable)

South Park: The Stick of Truth - $7.49

This 2014 comedy RPG is a turn-based adventure that sees players take on the role of a new kid in town who finds themselves on a quest to become cool. As you might expect the game features the trademark South Park adult humor and unique art style. The 2017 follow up is also on sale.

A Deck verified adventure set in the world of South Park for less than ten bucks.

‣  South Park: The Stick of Truth on Steam Deck (Deck Verified)

Vampire Survivors on Steam

Vampire Survivors - $3.99

You've already got this one right? Well, if not here's what you need to know: It's a highly addictive time survival rogue-lite from developer 'poncle' that will have you coming back time and time again for just one more run.

It kinda exploded onto Steam last year and has since gone on to rack up over 175,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews — the people have well and truly spoken.

The game tasks you with surviving until dawn, battling thousands of supernatural night creatures along the way. It's a super cool bullet-hell experience that's well worth checking out.

It's currently discounted 20%, making it just $3.99, but you can also grab a bundle with the DLC included for just $4.91. A great sub-five dollar Deck verified combo buy.

Vampire Survivors on Steam (Deck Verified)

...and that's a wrap!

Of course, these are just a small handful of some of the very best bargains to be had. There are countless other games on sale right now, so if you want to do some digging yourself you can always see the full selection over on Steam.

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