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10 Pokemon alternatives on Steam Deck

Looking to catch 'em all on the Steam Deck? There are plenty of games just like Pokemon available on the Steam store. Here's our pick of Pokemon-like games.

10 Pokemon alternatives on Steam Deck

Looking to catch 'em all on the Steam Deck? There are plenty of games just like Pokemon available on the Steam store. Here's our pick of Pokemon-like games.

The Nintendo Switch is home to a good number of Pokemon games, be that original mainline entries like Scarlet and Violet, remakes such as the Let's Go titles, or spin off games like Unite and Quest.

However, if you're looking to scratch that monster-catching itch elsewhere then thankfully you're not short on options either, as the Steam Deck is home to plenty of Pokemon-esque experiences that offer up similar gameplay and those all important pocket monster vibes.

So, if you ain't about the emulation life, here are some solid options worth considering.

Today we're going to look over the best Pokemon alternatives for the Steam Deck. Let's get to it...

✨ Games like Pokemon on Steam Deck

Coromon on Steam Deck


🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Coromon is a modern, Steam Deck verified, take on the classic monster-catching genre.

Fans of the GBA-era Pokemon titles will find a lot to like here — as Coromon has vibrant pixel art and a delightful 2D retro look thats reminiscent of the much-loved Hoenn region of Ruby and Sapphire. A faithful homage to early Pokemon titles, with plenty of monsters and elemental battles to boot.

Coromon for Steam Deck

Cassette Beasts

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

A recent (April 2023) turn-based monster-collecting game with a unique 'Fusion System' where you can combine two monsters to create powerful new ones.

Cassette Beasts for Steam Deck

Monster Crown

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

A creature collecting game with a dark side. Monster Crown takes place on an island with a history of sadistic rulers and is now facing a new, malicious threat. Your task is to team up with a a group of monsters to "prevent the return of tyranny".

Features over 200 monsters, has online battle and trading, plus a unique decision tree which can change the end game.

Monster Crown on Steam

Nexomon on Steam Deck


🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

A beautifully animated Pokemon alternative, with a lovely art style — it's a bit anime and chibi in places.

You'll find over 300 monsters to capture and battle (including eight legendaries), and to mix things up the game also has some crafting and resource collecting gameplay elements too.

There's a sequel too, also playable on Steam Deck, by way of Nexomon Extinction, and a third entry, Nexomon 3, has just been announced and is on the way — so now's a good time to check this series out.

Nexomon for Steam Deck

TemTem for Steam Deck


🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Creature collecting, but its an MMO.

This 2022, Steam Deck verified, 3D take on the monster catching adventure sees you journey across the bustling, vibrant six islands of the 'Airborne Archipelago' alongside your team — answering the question: what would Pokemon with online pals be like?

TemTem on Steam Deck

Monster Sanctuary on Steam Deck

Monster Sanctuary

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Monster Sanctuary offers up something a different, bringing the monster-collecting action to a 2D side-scrolling action platforming Metroidvania experience.

The creatures on your team can go toe-to-toe in battle as you'd expect, but they can also help you navigate the game world, and tackle certain platforming challenges.

This 2020, Steam Deck verified title, also has online PvP.

Monster Sanctuary for Steam Deck

Other games like Pokemon on Steam:

Siralim Ultimate — Steam Deck compatibility: Playable
Dungeon crawling meets monster catching in this deep 2D creature collector. There's over 1,200 beats to meet.

EvoMon — Steam Deck compatibility: Playable
A more casual affair. EvoMon is a Tamagotchi-style experience where you care for, train, evolve, and battle your creature of choice.

Abomi Nation — Steam Deck compatibility: Playable
A roguelike monster-taming RPG that's inspired by the popular Nuzlocke challenge.

Palworld — Steam Deck compatibility: TBC
This one isn't out until early next year, so you may want to wishlist it. It's a 3D multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game where you can befriend and collect a ton of 'mysterious creatures'.

Evolings — Steam Deck compatibility: TBC
Like the above, this is another game that isn't out just yet. It's a minimalistic 2D creature-collecting, turn-based action roguelike with hordes of evil monsters that need taking down by a team of cute but deadly creatures — "a captivating fusion of strategy and charm". No firm release date yet, but there is already a demo up on Steam that you can try.

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