Jul 31, 2023 2 min read

Venba and Brotato get cooking on Nintendo Switch this week

There's around 30 games coming to the Nintendo Switch over the next week, including Indian cooking sim meets puzzler Venba.

Venba for Nintendo Switch

There's around 30 games coming to the Nintendo Switch over the next week, including Indian cooking sim meets puzzler Venba.

πŸ› Monday, July 31 β€” Sunday, August 6

Sure, everyone might be talking about the eventual Nintendo Switch 2, but the Switch ain't done just yet β€” in fact this week alone sees over 30 games land on the ageing hybrid.

As ever, we've gone through all of the upcoming releases, and just like last week, we've got a list of all of the upcoming Nintendo Switch games for you to look over and hopefully help you find something to pick up.

The list below shares a brief description of each upcoming release, along with a link out to where you can find more information, such as trailers and screenshots.

Last week saw a new Disney-themed Metroidvania arrive on Switch, but this week of the around 30 games landing on the eShop the highlights include Steam Deck favourite Brotato and the rather lovely looking Venba. Oh, and A Guidebook of Babel and Tiny Thor also look interesting!

Let's get to the full list.

πŸ—“ Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games:

Monday, July 31

  • A Short Tale β€” This is a first-person point and click adventure about 'exploring your brother’s room'.
  • Ferris Mueller's Day Off β€” A cartoony point and click about a mule that is off sick.
  • The Forgotten Room β€” Paranormal mystery point and click adventure.
  • Venba β€” This is a lovely cooking sim meets puzzler that's set in the 1980s and is about an Indian family moving to Canada.
  • Veritas β€” Ok, there sure are a lot of point and click games this week.

Tuesday, August 1

Wednesday, August 2

Thursday, August 3

  • A Guidebook of Babel β€” Time travel butterfly effect adventure with puzzles aplenty.
  • Adore β€” A magical real-time monster-taming action game.
  • Alchemy Poipoi SS β€” Material matching puzzler.
  • Brotato β€” This popular top-down arena shooter roguelite arrives on Switch.
  • Death Becomes You β€” A magical murder mystery visual novel.
  • Deltazeal β€” Arcade vertical shmup from 2002.
  • Flutter Away β€” Take pics in this short cute/cozy nature exploration game.
  • GigaBash β€” An arena brawlers where the areans are Kaiju-movie big. Has online play.
  • Lost Egg 3: The Final β€” This is an action adventure game about the 'fragility, bravery, and sometimes friendship of raw eggs'. Has online play.
  • MistWorld the after β€” A 'classic-style' RPG set on a vast open 3D field.
  • Secret Summoner β€” 2D action puzzle deckbuilder about teaching monsters a lesson (with your mum).
  • Tiny Thor β€” 16-bit style platformer featuring the god of thunder.
  • Trapped in the Kanal β€” A mystery adventure escape room set in an underground waterway.
  • Wizardry School: Escape Room β€” An escape room puzzler which sure does riff off of Harry Potter.

Friday, August 4

Saturday, August 5

All of the dates listed above are EU and US unless noted. πŸ“¦ A cardboard box emoji denotes a game is also released physically.

Release data is kindly sourced via Switch Scores.

This list of upcoming Nintendo Switch games first appeared in Issue 343 of Switch Weeklyβ€” Chris Brandrick's free Nintendo newsletter.

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