Dec 6, 2022 2 min read

New Vampire Survivors DLC "Legacy of the Moonspell" now available

Developer poncle is working on a new DLC for Vampire Survivors called "Legacy of the Moonspell".

Steam Deck showing Legacy of the Moonspell DLC.

Developer poncle is working on a new DLC for Vampire Survivors called "Legacy of the Moonspell".

Update: The 'Legacy of the Moonspell' DLC is now available to download with a 10% introductory discount — making it just $1.79.

Save 10% on Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell on Steam
The rising sun, forever dimmed. A land of moonlight, fading blossoms, and an eternal night…a vampire’s paradise… Journey to new lands, mow down thousands of oni and yokai, and unveil the mysteries of the Moonspell Clan.

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Vampire Survivors recently reached version 1.0, but that doesn't mean that developer 'poncle' is standing still, as a new store page for an all new DLC add-on has appeared on Steam.

The new Vampire Survivors DLC, called "Legacy of the Moonspell", will launch on December 15th for just $1.99.

It will introduce eight new characters with four already announced. They are as follows:

New Vampire Survivors Characters

  • Miang Moonspell - The last disciple of the Moonspell Clan before its downfall, and possibly its finest. Self-consciously a shounen protagonist.
  • Menya Moonspell - One of the few surviving Moonspell elders, Menya’s mystical powers are near god-like.
  • Syuuto Moonspell - Banished practitioner of the new moon dark magic, Syuuto is nonetheless an enemy of evil. Poor personal hygiene may contribute to his continued exile.
  • Babi-Onna - Returned from the dead to seek vengeance on demons and mortals alike, she nonetheless retains her impeccable ability to charm, amuse, and dazzle.

It will also bring 13 new weapons, and a brand new stage called Mt. Moonspell.

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