Aug 7, 2023 2 min read

A Pro-Wrestling RPG is one of nearly 30 games coming to Switch this week

WrestleQuest, Stray Gods, and Unidentified Falling Objects are just of the highlights coming to Nintendo Switch this week.

WrestleQuest for Nintendo Switch

WrestleQuest, Stray Gods, and Unidentified Falling Objects are just of the highlights coming to Nintendo Switch this week.

🛍 Monday, August 7 — Sunday, August 13

Summer season continues, and this week is another fairly busy one on the Nintendo Switch, with just under 30 games arriving on the hybrid over the next week.

Last week saw the likes of Indian-cooking game Venba, time-travel adventure A Guidebook of Babel, and 16-bit style platformer Tiny Thor, land on the Nintendo Switch — but now it's time to check out what games are hitting the eShop this week.

As ever, you'll find a full list of all the upcoming Nintendo Switch games below, along with a short description of each and a link to more information — such as cost, trailers, etc.

This week I like the look of WrestleQuest, Stray Gods, and puzzler Unidentified Falling Objects. Let's get to the full list!

🗓 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games:

Monday, August 7

Tuesday, August 8

  • Anthology of Fear — This is a horror mystery game that's set in an abandoned medical facility. M for mature.
  • Chickenoidz Super Party — A multiplayer top-down arena shooter for up to four players.
  • WrestleQuest — I like the look of this 2D pro-wrestling RPG adventure.

Wednesday, August 9

  • Fluffy Milo — A push-box puzzle game featuring a cat.
  • Legend Bowl — An arcade-style pixel-graphic take on American football.
  • Mondealy — 2D fantasy adventure with a focus on characters, dialog, world building, etc. Looks interesting.
  • Mysterious Adventure of Michael — Basic 2D side-scroller.
  • Running Fable — A cross-platform 3D multiplayer on-foot racing-strategy game for up to 10 players.
  • Skabma: Snowfall — Nordic narrative third-person adventure.
  • Unidentified Falling Objects — A mashup of platforming and puzzle destroying gameplay with online play. Looks good!
  • Zombie Soup — A tongue-in-cheek top-down shooter with hack and slash action.

Thursday, August 10

  • Acceptance — Story-driven psychological thriller. Content warning: Suicide. M for mature.
  • Female Nation Takeover — A visual novel with a plot that sounds akin to the new Barbie movie... M for mature.
  • It's Puzzles: Wild Nature — A collection of jigsaws featuring animals.
  • Neon Blight — A 2D 'dystopian cyberpunk' rogue-lite, store management, shoot ‘em up combo.
  • Organ Trail Complete Edition — No not Oregon. This is a retro-style zombie survival game.
  • Sonar Beat — Nuclear submarine music rhythm game.
  • Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical — A modern fantasy music adventure game about greek gods who "walk among us".
  • Sven: Completely screwed — A party game featuring a... horny sheep.
  • The Rewinder — This is a 2D puzzle adventure that's inspired by traditional Chinese folklore.
  • Wild Legion — 2D survivor combat meets tower defense.
  • Witch's Garden — A fantasy romance visual novel, no English language option however on this one.
  • 🎮 World Spin — A budget brain training puzzle action game with 200 stages.

Friday, August 11

Saturday, August 12

All of the dates listed above are EU and US unless noted. 📦 A cardboard box emoji denotes a game is also released physically. 🎮 A controller emoji means a demo is available.

The release data seen here is kindly sourced via Switch Scores.

This list of upcoming Nintendo Switch games first appeared in Issue 344 of Switch Weekly— Chris Brandrick's free Nintendo newsletter.

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