Nov 20, 2023 3 min read

Over 30 games arrive on Nintendo Switch this week

The Jurassic Park retro collection arrives on Nintendo Switch this week, along with plenty of games featuring trains.

Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection on Nintendo Switch

The Jurassic Park retro collection arrives on Nintendo Switch this week, along with plenty of games featuring trains.

🛍 Monday, November 20 — Sunday, November 27

Last week saw plenty of heavy hitters land on the Switch eShop, including the refreshed Super Mario RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, and a new Naruto brawler — this week however is not quite as momentous, but there's a treat for Jurassic Park fans, and seemingly plenty of games for train fanatics. 🚂 Choo Choo!

As ever, I've taken a look through all of the upcoming releases (there's just over 30 this week), and compiled a list of all of them. Below you'll find what games are coming to the Nintendo Switch over the next seven days, alongside a short description of each, and a link out to more information (including trailers).

It's a real mixed bag, including a game about kinetic sand, a morphing frog survival title, and a retro Jurassic Park collection. Let's get to it!

🗓 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games:

Monday, November 20

  • Euro Truck Driver Simulator â€” A straightforward enough, realistic trucking sim that's set across Europe. (Nov 21 in U.S.)
  • In Stars and Time â€” This black and white turn-based RPG looks interesting, it has a time looping mechanic at its core.
  • Swim Sacabambaspis! â€” A simple arcade game that's about helping a little fish that seemingly can't swim all that well. (Nov 21 in U.S.)
  • Train Driver Simulator â€” This is another sim game, but this time about trains.

Tuesday, November 21

Wednesday, November 22

  • Settris â€” This looks to be a more relaxing take on the typical 'arrange blocks' puzzler.

Thursday, November 23

  • Alina of the Arena â€” I like how the name kinda rolls off the tongue — anyway, it's deckbuilding tactical roguelike featuring a female protagonist.
  • Charrua Soccer: Pro Edition â€” An arcade-style football game with a chibi-look.
  • Colored Effects â€” 2D puzzle platformer with a color switching mechanic.
  • Deleted â€” You play as a drone in this twin-stick shooter roguelite.
  • Evil Diary â€” The 'fierce heroine' Eve takes on enemies in this 2D post-apocalyptic action game.
  • Starlight Drifter â€” You're the captain of a starship in this sci-fi RPG meets visual novel. M for mature.
  • Super Solitaire â€” It's the classic card game.
  • Tallowmere 2: Curse of the Kittens â€” This was first released a few years ago. Now this action roguelike meets 2D platformer is on Switch. M for mature.
  • Train Valley 2: Community Edition â€” Alright, I quite like the look of this train-tycoon management sim.
  • Witchtastic â€” This is a 2 to 4 player co-op game that's all about brewing magic potions at speed. (Nov 22 in U.S.)

Friday, November 24

  • Final Shot â€” This top-down shooter is giving me Hotline Miami vibes.
  • Frogvival â€” This is a rather quirky looking survival title in which you play as a frog who can devour other animals and then mutate based on what has been eaten. Remember Cubivore for GameCube?
  • 📦 Guns and Spurs 2 â€” A basic looking wild west action adventure. (Physical release)
  • Nora: The Wannabe Alchemist â€” This point and click adventure features magical gardens and witches aplenty.
  • 🎮 Snakebird Complete â€” A bundle of two colourful puzzle games. There's a demo available.
  • Train Traffic Manager â€” Yet another train-based game. This time, it's a strategy puzzler with over 80 levels.

Saturday, November 25

  • ASMR Slicing â€” A weird looking kinetic sand ASMR cutting game. I guess it won't make any mess at least.
  • Astro Miner â€” This is a budget two-player action game about mining space minerals with a vacuum.
  • Criss Cross â€” A Japanese visual novel.
  • Drawing Carnival â€” A drawing app with lots of different art styles to play with.
  • Tricky Taps â€” Roll the ball 2D puzzler.
  • Zombies Rising xXx â€” A Plants V Zombies alike.

That's it! Did anything catch your eye this week?

All of the dates listed above are EU and US unless noted. A 📦 box emoji means a physical release is also available. A 🎮 controller emoji means there is a demo available on the eShop.

This release data is kindly sourced via 
Switch Scores.

This list of upcoming Nintendo Switch games first appeared in 
Issue 359 of Switch Weekly— Chris Brandrick's free Nintendo newsletter.

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