Feb 8, 2023 4 min read

12 Other Wizarding Worlds You Can Visit on Steam Deck

If you are in the mood for mages and witches but don't want to play Hogwarts: Legacy, here are magic-themed games that work great on Steam Deck.

12 Other Wizarding Worlds You Can Visit on Steam Deck

If you are in the mood for mages and witches but don't want to play Hogwarts: Legacy, here are magic-themed games that work great on Steam Deck.

If you're in the mood for some magical videogaming, but you really don't want to play the recently released Hogwarts: Legacy (many are choosing to boycott the game) — then we've got a list of great games that let you robe up and take on the role of a mage, wizard or witch, offering up plenty of spellcasting and potion making too.

As such, here are a dozen magic-themed games that work great on Steam Deck, and are potential Hogwarts: Legacy alternatives.

All the games listed are either labelled Playable or Verified for Steam Deck on Steam.

Hogwarts: Legacy Alternatives

Spellcaster University on Steam Deck

Spellcaster University

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

If you always thought, you'd do a better job leading your school, then this is for you. Because yep, in Spellcaster University you are the director of a university of magic and it is your job, to elevate it to a glorious institute.

‣ Spellcaster University for Steam Deck

Potion Craft on Steam

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

If you don't want to fight monsters but instead prefer to use magic to create potions, then this game is for you. In Potion Craft, you collect herbs, concoct potions and sell them in your shop! And it does all this in a very unique style.

‣ Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator for Steam Deck

Skyrim on Steam Deck

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

One of the greatest games of all time, Skyrim is perfect if you want to roleplay as a mage, especially thanks to a still very active modding community and magic mods like Apocalypse, Ordinary or Imperious. Just promise us not to secretly pick up a bow and turn into a stealth archer.

‣ The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition on Steam

Wizard of Legend on Steam Deck

Wizard of Legend

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

If you like a challenge, you'll love Wizard of Legend. In this rogue-like dungeon crawler, you'll use magic to fight monsters, and defeat bosses to become a Wizard of Legend!

‣ Wizard of Legend for Steam Deck

Ziggurat on Steam Deck


🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Ziggurat is a fast-paced dungeon crawler, with rogue-like mechanics in a first-person variant! The game basically answers the question of "what if Doom, but with magic". And it answers that question with a great result.

‣ Ziggurat for Steam Deck

Cozy Grove on Steam Deck

Cozy Grove

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Cozy Grove reminds us of Don't Starve, but is a much more relaxing game than the at-times stressful game by Klei. In Cozy Grove you'll "wander the island's forest each day, finding new hidden secrets and helping soothe the local ghosts."

‣ Cozy Grove for Steam Deck

Potion Permit on Steam Deck

Potion Permit

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Another game primarily which focusing on the potion part of a wizard's life, all in a world similar to Stardew Valley. In Potion Permit you need to take care of the townsfolk of Moonury and as the topmost chemist heal them of their woes!

‣ Potion Permit for Steam Deck

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Kena is an absolutely beautiful story-driven, action adventure with fast-paced combat and a world you'll just fall in love with. Kena answers the question, "what if Pixar made a video game". This game runs great on Steam Deck, especially if you lock the refresh rate to 40.

‣ Kena: Bridge of Spirits for Steam Deck


🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

Ikenfell is a turn-based-tactical RPG, in which you control a group of magic students to fight monsters and challenge bosses. And there are cats. Nuff said!

‣ Ikenfell for Steam Deck

Little Witch in the Woods

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

In this Early-Access game, you play Ellie, a witch apprentice tasked to help her new neighbours and become a full-blown witch. While this game is still in active development, it's full of cute little details that make it an enjoyable, laid-back experience.

‣ Little Witch in the Woods for Steam Deck

Tell Me Why

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Playable

If you want to experience magic in a modern setting, Tell Me Why is a narrative adventure game from the studio behind Life is Strange. It features a pair of twins in a small Alaskan town, where every choice you make matters.

‣ Tell Me Why on Steam Deck

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

🎮 Steam Deck compatibility: Verified

This big open-world action combat RPG from 2016 has character customization, big mythical creatures to take on, and plenty of magic and spells to scratch that sorcery itch.

‣ Dragon's Dogma on Steam Deck

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