Feb 21, 2024 2 min read

Popular emulator tool EmulationStation now available on Android

Popular emulation tool ES-DE is now available on Android via the Amazon Appstore.

ES-DE on Android

Popular emulation tool ES-DE is now available on Android via the Amazon Appstore.

Dear emulation fans, today is a day to rejoice, a day to dance in the streets and shout from the rooftops (but quietly), because EmulationStation is finally available on Android.

This new release of emulator frontend ES-DE comes after a substantial battle with Google, at least according to details from Leon Styhre — the developer behind the excellent bit of software — as explained on the project's Discord.

Styhre shared news of the launch on Tuesday, 20 February sharing that ES-DE was now available via the Amazon Appstore. They described the roughly five dollar Android version as "paid (but cheap)".

Styhre also explained that while they've been trying to get the app onto the main Google Play Store, they're currently having a lot of issues with the company and their procedures for new apps.

"Google is a complete nightmare" apparently. We're not hugely shocked by that as a bit of information, and apparently, they've not only rejected the application "without supplying meaningful explanations" as to why, but then also don't respond to emails or tickets generated about any issues. It's got to be an intensely frustrating process, but Styhre also said they would keep trying to get the app published on the Google Play Store anyway, which is good to know.

Aside from being good news for those with Android phones and tablets, it's also a nice boost for those with Android-based retro gaming devices like the Retroid Pocket 4. There are other options on there to help users collate all of their ROMs into one place, but EmulationStation is one of our favourites for just making the whole process of emulation that little bit cleaner.

As a handheld gaming site, we're obviously in favour of more people having access to this excellent bit of software, so make sure to support it if you're someone who's interested in emulation and who happens to have an Android device.

There's Android specific documentation here if you're looking to use ES-DE on Android and want to know more.

ANDROID.md · master · ES-DE / ES-DE Frontend · GitLab
ES-DE (EmulationStation Desktop Edition) is a frontend for browsing and launching games from your multi-platform game collection.

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