Dec 27, 2022 2 min read

'Steam Replay' recaps your year in gaming

Valve have shared a neat new way to share your Steam Library stats from 2022.

Steam Replay

Valve have shared a neat new way to share your Steam Library stats from 2022.

Curious if getting that Steam Deck has increased your overall gaming time this year? Well, now there's a way to tell — thanks to Valve's new Spotify Wrapped style roundup feature dubbed 'Steam Replay'.

Announced Monday, December 26, the new feature is the perfect way to look back on your top played games and various gaming milestones of 2022, along with revealing just how much time you sunk into Vampire Survivors...

Steam shared a fun, short video to launch the feature (which even includes a little cameo from Gabe Newell). Take a look:

This new summary feature highlights various Steam stats, including how many games you've played, the number of achievements unlocked, what types of games you played the most, how many new titles you played, a month-by-month breakdown of play time, and more.

Most notably the digest also reveals which device you played your Steam Library on — it's a neat way to show which games you spent time with on the Steam Deck, and also offers a nice overview of whether you actually spent more time with the new portable PC rather than sat at a more traditional desk setup.

All of the results can be shared publicly too if you want, via your very own shareable link, or with social media friendly images that show off your stats. The results are pretty cool, and a neat way to quickly share your Steam Deck news with friends.

As an FYI: The Steam Replay 2022 feature includes all play time data from between the January 1 up to the end of December 14. No offline play data is counted, and it also excludes time spent running tools and other types of non-game software.

Check out your very own replay roundup at:

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We’re thrilled to announce Steam Replay, coming directly to all Steam users beginning today!
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