Aug 25, 2022 1 min read

State of Steam Deck 2022: The What, the Why and the How

State of Steam Deck 2022: The What, the Why and the How

The Steam Deck has been out for six months now, and only recently has Valve been able to increase its shipment yet another time and deliver the first preorders to people in Q4.

We think it’s about time we look at the community and get a feel for the Steam Deck’s popularity and usage. This is why we created the survey embedded below.

It will run for a few weeks, and we will dig deep into the numbers by mid/end of September. You can participate in the survey, even if you don’t own a Steam Deck (yet).

The survey should take no longer than five minutes. (If the survey breaks on mobile, use this URL instead.)

Please also share the survey with your fellow Steam Deck owner friends. The more people participate, the better the numbers.

Kevin Wammer
Kevin Wammer
Gamer since the age of 3. Fell in love with tech while hacking PSPs for fun. I have a tri-force on my forearm.
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