Aug 18, 2022 1 min read

Steam may be working on a 'Spotify Wrapped' style year-in-review feature

Imagine Spotify Wrapped but for your Steam library. It might soon be a reality.

A data-miner has revealed that Valve could be working on a feature similar to that of Spotify Wrapped — giving gamers a fun way to share their Steam playtime habits and stats from the past twelve months.

Pavel Djundik shared details of the API over on their Twitter account — noting how the feature will likely highlight a users overall playtime, total sessions, etc.

It appears that the feature will also keep tabs on where you play your Steam games, be that on a PC, the Steam Deck, or other device.

If you're unfamiliar with Spotify Wrapped — it's a neat way to share your music listening habits on social media, so that your friends and followers can easily see what music you've enjoyed the most during the last year. As you might expect, it typically debuts in early December so folks can share their year-in-review wrap up.

A Steam version would no doubt highlight the obscene 600+ hours I've sunk into Paradox Interactive's Cities: Skylines. 😳  

Gaming shame aside, it would be kinda rad to have an easy way to share what you've been playing, so I do hope to see Steam make this a reality.

The feature could also highlight global trends, revealing what game has been played the most across all players in a given year. Elden Ring has gotta be up there this year right?

Source: The Gamer
Via: Pavel Djundik

Chris Brandrick
Chris Brandrick
Curator of Switch Weekly. Loves Nintendo. Uses too many emoji. ✌️🎮💌🇪🇺
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