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Sep 30, 2022 1 min read

Humble offers up to 90% for many Japanese games in its Anime Sale

Humble offers up to 90% for many Japanese games in its Anime Sale

If you want to awaken your inner weeb (we're weebs here, too) and save some money while doing so, then this sale is for you:

Humble is currently hosting the Humble Anime Sale, offering up to 90% games on some great titles coming out of Japan.

Anime Sale | Humble Store

On the list are gems like:

... and many more! The list of great games is too long to mention here, so head to Humble and check it out. (I bought Scarlet Nexus and Tales of Arise, both Steam Deck Verified.)

The sale will end in 6 days and approximately 20 hours at the time of writing.

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Kevin Wammer
Gamer since the age of 3. Fell in love with tech while hacking PSPs for fun. I have a tri-force on my forearm.

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