Apr 8, 2024 2 min read

Here are all the games coming to Nintendo Switch this week

Let's take a look over the 30+ games arriving on the eShop over the next seven days.

Let's take a look over the 30+ games arriving on the eShop over the next seven days.

🛍 Monday, April 8 — Sunday, April 14

There's a flurry of new games coming to the Nintendo Switch over the course of the next seven days, including a Metroidvania set in feudal Japan, a roguelike inspired by Minesweeper, a neat looking 90s style hack and slash platformer, and much more.

In total there's over 30 games arriving on the eShop this week. We've got the full list below for you, along with a brief snappy description of each and a link out to further details should you want it (such as trailers, cost, etc).

Let's get to it!

🗓 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games:

Tuesday, April 9

  • Botany Manor â€” A first-person puzzle game that's set in a Victorian English manor.

Wednesday, April 10

Thursday, April 11

Friday, April 12

Saturday, April 13

That's it for this week — do any of the upcoming Switch games catch your eye?

All dates listed above are EU & US unless noted. 

A 📦 box emoji means a physical release is also available.

Release data is sourced in collaboration with 
Switch Scores.

This list of upcoming Nintendo Switch games first appeared in 
Issue 377 of Switch Weekly â€” Chris Brandrick's free Nintendo newsletter.
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