Oct 31, 2022 2 min read

'Harvestella' and 'It Takes Two' come to Nintendo Switch this week

Square Enix's new life-sim RPG and the award-winning It Takes Two join nearly 30 other games on the Switch this week.

Harvestella for Nintendo Switch

🛍 Monday, October 31 — Sunday, November 6

It's another busy week on Nintendo's eShop with around ~30 games coming to the hybrid console as we head into November.

As ever, I've gone and looked at all of them, listing each one for you below. There's a quick description of what every game is, along with a link to more information, including a number of screenshots, a trailer, and more details.

Last week saw the release of the long-awaited Bayonetta 3, along with Factorio and Oddworld: Soulstorm. This week's highlights include the award-winning It Takes Two, and Square Enix's new life-sim RPG Harvestella.

All dates are EU and US unless noted. Release data is sourced via Switch Scores. A 📦 emoji means the title is also available physically. A 🎮 emoji denotes a playable demo is available.

Want to know what games are coming to Switch this week? The full list is below.

🗓 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games:

Monday, October 31

  • Amazing Chicken Adventures — Egg-rolling 3D puzzle platformer with Eastern European influence. Don't let the bland name put you off giving this one a look.

Tuesday, November 1

  • Lonesome Village — Kickstarter success story lands on Switch. Cute puzzle / life sim.

Wednesday, November 2

  • Fantasy Blacksmith — Get smithing in this blacksmith/alchemy sim.
  • Hatup — Precision platformer with single-screen stages.
  • How to Say Goodbye — Narrative puzzler that tells the story of a person who has recently been turned into a ghost, lost in an world populated by disoriented spirits.
  • Master Spy — Stealth game meets precision platform.
  • Shatter Remastered Deluxe — Shiny brick-breaking arcade game.

Thursday, November 3

Friday, November 3

Saturday, November 4

  • ET Varginha — 2D alien adventure that describes itself as similar to Limbo. Something, something, phone home.
This list of upcoming games first appeared in Issue 306 of Switch Weekly — Chris Brandrick's Nintendo newsletter digest.

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Chris Brandrick
Chris Brandrick
Curator of Switch Weekly. Loves Nintendo. Uses too many emoji. ✌️🎮💌🇪🇺
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