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Mar 22, 2023 3 min read

Exclusive: New major EmuDeck update adds new emulators, UI tweaks and homebrew store, coming soon

Exclusive: New major EmuDeck update adds new emulators, UI tweaks and homebrew store, coming soon

A new version of EmuDeck is in the works, with a big focus on UI improvements, the introduction of a new store, new emulators and much more.

In a recent interview with the creators of the popular EmuDeck tool, the developers teased an upcoming version of the emulation utility, highlighting a big focus on UI improvements, the introduction of a new EmuDeck store, new emulator support, and much more.

Screenshot of development environment.
The new layout focuses on Quick Actions.

The biggest change is to the overall design of EmuDeck. Developer dragoonDorise has focused a lot on enhancing the overall experience for this update.

When you open the new EmuDeck installer, you'll be greeted with a new look that will offer quick access to frequently used features and utilities.

Screenshot of EmuDeck Store for homebrew software.
The EmuDeck Store will introduce free homebrew games created by the community.

Another major change is the introduction of the EmuDeck store, a repository of homebrew games, that can be freely installed through and – at least in this version – played through Emulation-Station.

Ths EmuDeck update will also introduce new emulators for different platforms.

They are:

  • MelonDS Standalone for Nintendo DS (Custom Mode)
  • Rosalie's Mupen GUI for Nintendo64 (Custom Mode)
  • mGBA for GameBoy Advance (Custom Mode)
  • Cemu AppImage for WiiU (On Manage Emulators)
  • Pico8 and tic80 RetroArch Cores
Screenshot showing new copy tool.
A new tool allows to easily copy games from your PC to Steam Deck.

Another welcome addition is an easier way to copy files from your PC to the Steam Deck. Thanks to a new tool, EmuDeck will prepare an external USB-stick with the correct folder structure needed, that you can then use on your Windows-PC to bring files over to the Steam Deck. This is especially handy, since a properly formatted microSD- card that is used by the Steam Deck cannot be read by Windows.

Finally, this version will also natively add EmulationStation 2.0, fix the SDCard changes that will come with SteamOS 3.5, allow for the whole EmuDeck installation to be moved between the internal SSD and microSD, as well introduce other smaller bug fixes, listed here below:

  • Fixed PS3 Pkg parser so it doesn't grab discs in the hdd
  • GyroDSU working at last.
  • Steam Shortcut path bulk update
  • Fix DOSBox-pure config directory
  • Fix Vita3K Launcher
  • Fix EmuDeck Compressor tool with rvz files
  • EasyRPG SRM parser
  • Recursive SRM parsers are back
  • CSO Format support for PPSSPP

There is (at time of writing) no confirmed release date, but developer dragoonDorise expects this update to ship in the next few weeks, with the update currently in the hands of beta testers.

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