Jun 2, 2024 3 min read

#52: It's about to get very busy for gamers

June is a busy season for games with Computex and the Summer Game Festival right around the corner.

#52: It's about to get very busy for gamers

June is a busy season for games with Computex and the Summer Game Festival right around the corner.

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June is peak season

Welcome to June, probably one of the busiest times for gaming aficionados, whether you're into hardware or games.

Starting with hardware: Computex begins tomorrow, and we'll probably get a lot of new handheld announcements. It already started with the full reveal of the ROG Ally X earlier this morning.

The ROG Ally X is a modest ‘mid-gen’ refresh of the ASUS handheld
After plenty of rumours, ASUS make it official: The ROG Ally X is a decent upgrade on the original Ally with plenty of key changes to the battery, storage, and more.

While some specs were leaked last month, we have all the missing information, including the price and release date. The ROG Ally X will cost $799 (799£/899€) and will be released in July. Friends of overkill Russ and Phawx went hands-on with the device in NYC, while LTT and Dave2D tested it in their studios.

But the ROG Ally X isn't the only new device. We heard from ZOTAC teasing the Zone, Antec is rebadging the AYANEO Slide, and I heard rumours that a few other big companies are about to drop their take on a Steam Deck competitor. (I can't be specific, but from what I heard, the company names rhyme with Megabyte and Pacer, respectively. We might even see that one handheld with grips like a Nintendo Switch gets a Lite version.)

As to games: While previous years brought us E3, this year will bring us a bigger Summer Game Fest, starting on June 7. Technically, Summer Game Fest already started with Sony's recent State of Play, which brought us more info on the next Astro Bot, God of War: Ragnarok for PC, Alien: Rogue Incursion for PSVR2, an Until Dawn and a Silent Hill 2 Remake, and more.

The following significant events to look forward to during Summer Game Fest are the launch event on June 7, the Future Games Show on June 8, the Xbox Games Showcase followed by the CoD Black Ops 6 direct on June 9, the PC Gaming Show on June 9, and finally Ubisoft Forward on June 10.

As I said, it will be a hectic season. We will keep you updated.

Big this week

And that's it. Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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