May 16, 2023 5 min read

The Best Games Under $10 in the Steam Sports Fest Sale

Here are the best sports games you can grab for under $10 in the Steam Sports Fest sale currently taking place.

Games under $10 in the Steam Sports Fest Sale

Here are the best sports games you can grab for under $10 in the Steam Sports Fest sale currently taking place.

Over the next seven days you can grab discounted sports games on Valve's Steam store thanks to the Steam Sports Fest.

Taking place from Monday, May 15 through May 22, the sale sees a range of sporting titles reduced in price, including football sims, golf games, and even parkour experiences.

We have taken a look through all of what is currently on offer, and here's our highlighted picks for the very best sub-ten dollar sports games that you can pick up in the Steam Sports Fest event. Most of the recommendations here also are playable on the Steam Deck.

Let's get to it — here are the best sporty bargains you can snag in the 2023 Steam Sports Fest sale.

⚽️🏀🏈 Steam Sports Fest Sale Bargains:

NBA 2K23 on Steam Deck

NBA 2K23 - $9.59

🎮 Deck Verified

There's a huge 84% off this full-on realistic basketball sim.

This latest, official NBA entry from 2K features a career mode, local PvP and online play. You can play in either the NBA or the WBNA too.

NBA 2K23 for Steam Deck

Mount Your Friends - $1.74

🎮 Deck Playable

I'm not entirely sure what sport you'd class this as, but a certain level of athleticism and poise is clearly required to do well here. As the title suggests, you're against the clock to mount your friends and get to the top of a growing human tower. This is a hilarious co-op experience, at a bargain price. There's also a 3D version too.

Mount Your Friends on Steam

Golf with your Friends on Steam Deck

Golf with Your Friends - $4.94

🎮 Deck Playable

A fun bit of online multiplayer crazy golf, made all the more crazy due to you all playing at the same time. Lots of unique courses to play on, and you can tee off for less than five bucks.

Golf with Your Friends on Steam

Descenders - $7.49

🎮 Deck Playable

An extreme take on downhill cycle freeriding. It's all about risk versus reward, as you build your rep from flinging yourself down a series of procedurally generated courses — be that a mountain, scenic hillside, or through an urban environment. There's online PvP too.

Descenders on Steam

Ultimate Fishing Simulator for Steam Deck

Ultimate Fishing Simulator - $3.99

🎮 Deck Playable

Well, you can't get much better than 'ultimate' right? This 2018 3D fishing sim promises fish that "bite like crazy", a realistic look and feel, and plenty of authentic details. If you like fishing, this at less than $4 has to be the catch of the day. There's a VR version available too for just $5.99.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator on Steam

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - $9.99

🎮 Deck Playable

If you're after a real mix of sporting experiences look no further — this 3D party game packs in 18 different sporting events, including Tennis, Football, BMX, Boxing and more. There's currently 75% off this one.

Oh, and for some reason Sonic the Hedgehog shows up — gotta go fast for Gold I guess.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 on Steam

The Ramp on Steam Deck

The Ramp - $1.49

🎮 Deck Verified

Described as a 'digital toy', 2021's The Ramp is a straightforward skateboarding game that's all about getting into the flow.

Satisfying and fluid movement — this game does one thing really well and nails the the feeling of 'real life vert skateboarding'. A solo developer is behind this Deck Verified game.

The Ramp for Steam Deck

Lonely Mountains Downhill on Steam Deck

Lonely Mountains Downhill - $9.99

🎮 Deck Verified

This award-winning indie cycling game challenges you to get down the side of a mountain on your bike. It has a rad low-poly look, some satisfying controls and physics, and offers up a decent challenge whilst you speed through some beautiful scenic locales. It works well on Steam Deck, and there's a demo available too.

Lonely Mountains Downhill for Steam Deck

Super Blood Hockey on Steam Deck

Super Blood Hockey - $4.49

🎮 Deck Verified

A lovely bit of top-down 2D arcade-style hockey action from developer Loren Lemcke (of Terror of Hemasaurus). This 2017 indie takes things up a notch by doing away with the rulebook, meaning things can get a bit messy.

It's Steam Deck Verified, and is also currently in a few different bundles, so be sure to take a look to ensure you snag the best deal.

Super Blood Hockey for Steam Deck

Volley Pals - $3.74

🎮 Deck Support Unknown

This one is a relatively recent release, having only hit Steam back in April. It's a chaotic take on volleyball, complete with cartoon visuals and arcade style action. Reports of Steam Deck compatibility are mixed however.

Volley Pals on Steam

Lofi Ping Pong for Steam Deck

Lofi Ping Pong - $1.99

🎮 Deck Verified

Like listening to lofi hip hop on YouTube? Enjoy a bit of table tennis? Put those hands together.

Lofi Ping Pong is a pretty chill looking 'mediative' rhythm game with pixel graphics in which you play ping pong, returning shots to the beat. There's split-screen play too.

Lofi Ping Pong on Steam Deck

Superflight for Steam Deck

Superflight - $0.74

🎮 Deck Playable

A wingsuit flight game from 2017 made by three students — you'll find procedurally generated mountainscape maps to soar through here, and if you're something of a dare devil, you'll be rewarded for pulling off risky 'proximity maneuvers'.

Take flight for less than a dollar.

Superflight on Steam

Mutant Football League - $4.49

🎮 Deck Verified

A rather heavy metal take on American football. Lots of monsters and mutants take to the gridiron to play some gory arcade football. There's online multiplayer, it's Deck Verified, plus there's a demo to try too.

Mutant Football League on Steam

Golf Peaks - $1.99

🎮 Deck Support Unknown

A chill isometric puzzle game from 2018 about climbing mountains whilst playing golf. It's actually a stragic card game at its core, but the golf mechanic earns it a spot on this list. Reports suggest this one runs okay on the Steam Deck, but you may need to do some tinkering.

Golf Peaks on Steam

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