Apr 27, 2023 5 min read

The Best Games Under $10 in the Steam Puzzle Fest Sale

These are the best puzzle games you can get for under $10 in the new Steam Puzzle Fest sale — all of which work great on Steam Deck.

The Best Games Under $10 in the Steam Puzzle Fest Sale

These are the best puzzle games you can get for under $10 in the new Steam Puzzle Fest sale — all of which work great on Steam Deck.

For the next week a wide range of brain teasers, problem solving, and puzzle titles are on sale over on Valve's Steam digital store. The 'Steam Puzzle Fest' event takes place from April 24 until May 1 — offering a week-long chance to grab a bunch of puzzle gems for a discounted price.

We've taken a look over all of budget buys you can snag in the sale, and here's our picks for the very best sub-ten dollar puzzle games that you can grab in the Steam Puzzle Fest. Also, most of the recommendations here are playable on the Steam Deck.

Here are the best puzzle bargains to be had in the 2023 Steam Puzzle Fest event.

⭐️ Steam Puzzle Fest Sale Bargains:

Dorfromantik for Steam Deck

Dorfromantik - $9.79

🎮 Deck Verified

This is a 'city' builder with a difference. You don't really build cities, more so cute little villages — but it's also just a completly chill affair when compared to more traditional city sims.

Dorfromantik is a really relaxing take on the strategy builder, with a puzzle element that's also rather gentle. Approachable, a joy to look at, and Steam Deck Verified.

Dorfromantik for Steam Deck

Mixolumia - $2.49

🎮 Deck Verified

A satisfying twist on the falling block game. This arcade musical puzzler sees diamond blocks slide down together on a gem-shaped board, before they explode in "glittering chain reactions".

‣  Mixolumia for Steam Deck

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 on Steam

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 - $7.49

🎮 Deck Verified

Bringing together the classic puzzle gameplay loops of both Puyo Puyo and Tetris is a win win here. This sequel offers up another solid slice of competitive puzzle action with online play.

If you fancy popping some Puyo and clearing some Tetriminos, look no further than this Steam Deck verified action puzzler. However, it is worth mentioning the Steam Deck playable first Puyo Puyo Tetris is also discounted right now, for just $4.99.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 on Steam Deck

Murder by Numbers for Steam Deck

Murder by Numbers - $5.09

🎮 Deck Verified

This 2020 crime drama blends nonogram/picross puzzles with a visual novel murder mystery investigation set in 90s LA.

One review notes how this novel combo of pixel puzzles meets novel works due to "hilarious writing, endearing characters, awesome visuals, and stellar soundtrack".

‣  Murder by Numbers on Steam Deck

Pikuniku - $3.24

🎮 Deck Verified

This 2019 indie 2D puzzle-exploration game has a delightgully absurdist style which looks happy enough on the surface, but eventually reveals a rather dystopian undertone.

It's a vibrant, silly adventure that's filled with joy, and will no doubt put a smile on your face. It's got 75% off in the sale.

Pikuniku for Steam Deck

Railbound - $9.74

🎮 Deck Verified

This wholesome puzzler about creating train connections was updated just last month, earning its official Steam Deck Verified badge.

You'll find a collection of 200 or so well-designed puzzles here all about train track design where your ultimate game is to make connections to "help everyone reach their homes". A really charming look to this one.

Railbound on Steam Deck

Hidden Folks on Steam

Hidden Folks - $7.49

🎮 Deck Verified

I played this hidden object game on iOS and found it oddly charming.

It's a relaxing, minimalist black and white puzzler in which you explore miniature landscapes looking for a list of people (and things) — all presented with a charming hand-drawn monochrome look, and quirky style throughout.

Hidden Folks on Steam Deck

Pilgrims on Steam

Pilgrims - $2.09

🎮 Deck Unsupported - But user reports say it runs fine on Deck.

This is a short, playful adventure game with a lovely hand-crafted look. In it you roam the land, meet new travelers, and help them complete their little stories by way of suggesting different items to them.

It's all about experiementation really, and seeing what happens — watch the trailer to best get an idea of what this one is trying.

Pilgrims on Steam

Shenzhen I/O on Steam Deck

Shenzhen I/O - $7.49

🎮 Deck Playable

A complex, deep puzzler from 2016 where you play as an electronics engineer solving a set of increasingly complex programming and electronics challenges.

This one requires plenty of careful planning, good problem-solving skills, and a logical approach.

Shenzhen I/O on Steam

Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition - $5.99

🎮 Deck Playable

At this point, I think it's fair to consider ustwo's Monument Valley a modern classic.

It's a beautiful, almost meditative puzzle adventure in which you explore a series of transforming, illusionary environments.

This 'Panoramic Edition' includes all chapters and DLC. The follow up second game is also currently on sale at the same price, or together in a bundle for just over ten bucks ($10.18).

Monument Valley on Steam

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective on Steam

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective - $8.39

🎮 Deck Verified

This hidden object maze game from 2021 is just a sheer delight to look at. In it, you explore a highly-detailed 2D environment on a mission to find over 100 items.

It's based on the best-selling book series 'Pierre the Maze Detective' and as Eurogamer's review noted this puzzler does something that "games are so uniquely poised to do": "breathe new life into things."

‣  Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective for Steam Deck

🧩 Other great puzzle games on sale:

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